Configuring PowerPoint Microsoft 365

PowerPoint Microsoft 365    |    Intermediate
  • 5 videos | 23m
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This 5-video course explores how to configure PowerPoint for Office 365 to meet your personal style when developing a presentation. In it, you will learn how to customize the view, interface, Quick Access Toolbar, and ribbon. You will then learn how to adjust the Presentation view while editing slides. This course examines the Office tool to browse, select, and install Add-ins. Learners will observe how to customize the PowerPoint interface by choosing a different Color Scheme, by changing the background design, and how activate and deactivate certain tools, for example, the Ruler. You will learn how to create shortcuts for tools that you frequently use by adding them to the Quick Access Toolbar. You will explore the PowerPoint ribbon, which is the location of most of the PowerPoint editing tools, how to edit the appearance of the ribbon, and how to change which Standard tabs are activated when you open PowerPoint. Finally, learners will observe how to use the Collapse tool to give more room to a slide and slide pane while editing.


  • Adjust the presentation display view
    Install and use add-ins
    Customize the interface
  • Customize the quick access toolbar
    Customize the tool ribbon display


  • 5m 34s
    In PowerPoint, the presentation view can be adjusted while you edit your presentation. See how to resize the size of each display section to change the amount of space taken up by each element on your screen.  FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 6s
    PowerPoint allows you to quickly install add-ins to enhance your presentations. See how to browse the Office store and find the right add-in for you. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Customizing the interface in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    3m 41s
    The PowerPoint interface can be customized to make it more visually appealing. You can, for example, choose a different color scheme, and change the Office background design. You can also activate or deactivate certain tools, such as the ruler. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    3m 45s
    If you often find yourself using the same tools in PowerPoint regularly, then you may find it useful to add them to the  Quick Access toolbar. This toolbar, which contains shortcuts to a number of different frequently used tools can be customized to suit your preferences. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Customizing the Ribbon in PowerPoint Microsoft 365
    4m 55s
    The PowerPoint ribbon is where you will find most of the main tools you will need when creating and editing your documents. If you cannot find the tool you are looking for, however, you can create your own custom tab. It is also possible to edit the appearance of your ribbon and change which of the standard tabs are activated when you open PowerPoint. FREE ACCESS


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