Configuring Word 2013 for Windows

Word 2013 (Windows)    |    Intermediate
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There are a number of ways you can personalize Word 2013 to best suit your needs. Explore input adjustment, save and view settings, and how to customize the interface, ribbon, and Quick Access Toolbar.


  • Adjusting your input options
    Adjusting your save options
    Customizing your document view settings
  • Customizing your interface
    Customizing the quick access toolbar
    Customizing the ribbon


  • 6m 24s
    If you use Word 2013 a lot, you may find it useful to know how to customize its user and input behavior. You can, for example, switch off the mini toolbar or activate and deactivate the live preview function. This last function is very useful but can sometimes cause slowdown on your device. Switching it off can help to make Word 2013 run more quickly. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 58s
    It is extremely important to know how to save your document. In Word 2013, you can adjust the default settings relating to your file format and save location. It is even possible to activate or deactivate the background save feature, allowing you to change how Word 2013 behaves. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Customizing your document view settings in Word 2013 for Windows
    5m 46s
    In Word 2013, the document view settings can be adjusted to suit your preferences. These changes will not however affect how your document is printed. You can activate style and formatting marks to keep track of how your document has been formatted. You can also switch between a paginated and continuous view. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Customizing your interface in Word 2013 for Windows
    6m 12s
    The Word 2013 interface can be customized to make it more visually appealing. You can, for example, choose a different color scheme, change the Word 2013 background design, and even toggle on and off the tooltip bubbles that appear with the name and description of a particular tool. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Customizing the Quick Access toolbar in Word 2013 for Windows
    5m 53s
    If you often find yourself going back to the same tools in Word 2013, then you may find it useful to know how to add shortcuts to your Quick Access toolbar. This toolbar, which is accessible from just about every screen in Word 2013, can be used to store shortcuts to a variety of different key tools. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Customizing the ribbon in Word 2013 for Windows
    8m 7s
    The Word 2013 ribbon is where you will find most of the main tools you will need when creating and editing your documents. If you cannot find the tool you are looking for, however, you can create your own customized tab. You can also hide any tabs that you do not want to see. FREE ACCESS


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