Considerations in Load Balancing: Multi-cloud Security Management

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Securing a private data center has its challenges but it is made easier by the fact that single data centers are centralized. Cloud systems, on the other hand, expose a much larger risk surface, and this surface is only larger and more complex for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Today's cloud engineers and operators require more advanced knowledge of risk factors that are specific to various cloud configurations. In this course, you'll learn about cloud security challenges, vulnerabilities inherent in moving your organization to the cloud, and how to tailor operations in the cloud for resiliency. You will learn to create a virtual network in the Azure environment. You will also discover some of the repercussions of security failures in the cloud. Finally, you will learn about cloud backup and disaster recovery.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    describe the shared responsibility model as it applies to public cloud environments
    recognize security concepts critical to managing a multi-cloud environment
    recognize the common security challenges inherent in cloud technologies
    create a virtual network resource in Microsoft Azure
    recognize security challenges specific to multi-cloud environments
  • recognize common challenges faced when an organization moves its operations to the cloud
    recognize development and operations practices that lead to operations resiliency in the cloud
    describe potential consequences of security failure in the cloud
    describe mechanisms for data backup and disaster recover in the cloud
    describe the importance of visibility and control in hybrid cloud and how this is achieved
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course


  • 1m 48s
    In this course, you’ll learn about cloud security challenges and vulnerabilities inherent in moving your organization to the cloud. You’ll explore how to tailor operations in the cloud for resiliency. You'll create a virtual network in the Azure environment and discuss some of the repercussions of security failures in the cloud. Finally, you’ll learn about cloud backup and disaster recovery. FREE ACCESS
  • 7m 48s
    Take a look at the shared responsibility model. You’ll start by reviewing how responsibilities work in a non-cloud private data center and compare and contrast with shared responsibility in the cloud. You’ll explore the responsibilities of the users or operators of the cloud solution. And then discover the responsibilities of those running the operations of the cloud platform itself. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Multi-cloud Security
    10m 1s
    Here, you’ll learn about cloud security, which is a strategy to reduce the risk to data, hardware, and software in the cloud. You’ll see this becomes more complex when you introduce multi-cloud or have jobs running on multiple clouds as part of a solution. It is also more complex with a hybrid cloud, where a solution is run both in a public cloud and a private data center or private cloud. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Cloud Security Challenges
    5m 36s
    Here, you’ll look at cloud security challenges. These include Denial of Service attacks and the related distributed denial of service attacks as well as internal threats posed by your own employees. This also includes not focusing on security measures of your public-facing interfaces and bad configurations of resources in the cloud resulting in security breaches. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creating a Virtual Network in Azure
    8m 28s
    Here, you’ll watch a demo. You’ll learn how to create a virtual network in Azure and add two virtual machines to the network which can communicate. You’ll head to Azure and click on Create a resource. Then, you’ll create a virtual network. In the search window, you’ll type in ‘virtual network’ and click on the result. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Multi-cloud Security Challenges
    6m 1s
    Here, we’ll look at security challenges specific to multi-cloud. You’ll cover authentication and authorization. You’ll also learn what it takes to foster an effective cloud team. You’ll learn how to create and manage a unified deployment pipeline. Finally, you’ll look at network security issues specific to multi-cloud environments and the skillsets required to manage multi-cloud solutions. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Challenges When Moving to the Cloud
    6m 54s
    Discover challenges of moving to the cloud. You’ll learn about reduced visibility and control that organizations face when going to the cloud. You’ll explore the need for managing virtual infrastructure and how it's different from managing your own physical infrastructure. You’ll learn the importance of security with regards to internet-facing services and the challenge of multi-tenancy. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Resiliency in the Cloud
    5m 1s
    Here, you’ll learn about resiliency in the cloud. This resiliency is why organizations decide to move to the cloud. The resiliency lies in data management, in scalability, and in the ability to quickly change to customer needs. Resilient systems have a level of predictability, meaning they respond in a predictable manner to issues and system failures. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Cloud Security Failure
    7m 19s
    Here, you’ll learn about cloud security failure. In the cloud, security is a shared responsibility between the cloud user and the cloud provider. You’ll explore two distinct types of cloud failures: data breaches where an unauthorized entity gets access to sensitive data and cloud outages which adversely affect customers by limiting access to their data. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Cloud Disaster Recovery
    8m 42s
    Here, you’ll learn about cloud disaster recovery. Cloud disaster recovery is different from disaster recovery in a local data center due to the scalability of the cloud. But the goal is the same, to ensure business continuity. You’ll explore backing up data and the three main strategies. One option is to keep all your data backups on-premises. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Hybrid Cloud Visibility and Control
    7m 29s
    Here, you’ll learn about cloud visibility and control. Organizations need to have visibility into their systems and the ability to control them. Service aspects such as data security and business continuity are important to customers. Having clear visibility and control are ways those aspects can be achieved. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Course Summary
    Here, you’ll summarize what you’ve learned in this course. You’ve learned about multi-cloud security management. You explored the shared responsibility model and how it applies to the public cloud. You also examined multi-cloud security concepts and inherent cloud security challenges. You created an Azure virtual network resource and looked at the challenges faced when moving to the cloud. FREE ACCESS


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