Creating, Opening & Saving Documents in Word iPad

Word iPad    |    Beginner
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To get the most out of Word for iPad, you need to understand the interface and how to access the tools. Explore the interface and ribbon, discover how to add a cloud service, and learn how to create, open, save, and print a document.


  • Use the word for ipad app
    Add a cloud service to word for ipad
    Create new documents in word for ipad
    Open existing documents in word for ipad
    Scroll through documents in word for ipad
  • Use the zoom function in word for ipad
    Save documents in word for ipad
    Understand and convert file formats
    Print your documents from word for ipad


  • 4m 16s
    To get the most out of Word for iPad, you are going to need to understand its interface and where all the tools are found. Almost all the tools that you will need to use can be found in the ribbon, which is divided into different thematic tabs. Knowing what each tab offers will really speed up your work in Word for iPad. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 6s
    Word for iPad allows for connection to various online sharing locations including OneDrive, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. It's easy to add a location so you can connect to and access documents from your cloud library or collaboration service. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Creating a new document in Word iPad
    3m 27s
    There are two types of documents you can create with Word for iPad. You can choose between a blank document or a template, which will guide you through the process and do a lot of the work for you. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Opening an existing document in Word iPad
    3m 54s
    After creating a document, you'll need to learn how to find and open it. This tutorial will focus on locating and quickly opening saved documents so that you can consult and modify them using Word for iPad. You'll also learn the trick to finding those documents you opened most recently. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Scrolling through the document in Word iPad
    1m 11s
    Knowing how to browse through the pages in your text is important if you want to be able to view your document's contents. Word for iPad makes it easy to quickly get from one page to another. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Using the zoom function in Word iPad
    1m 55s
    Word for iPad's zoom function can be used to change the level of detail in which you visualize your document. Zooming in allows you to visualize a particular element of your document more closely, whilst zooming out can help you get an overall view of your document. There are also a number of different preset levels that can be applied, depending on how much of the document you want to see. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Saving a document in Word iPad
    3m 33s
    In Word for iPad, the default save function is automatic. This means that any change you make to your document will be automatically and frequently saved online. If you want a way to save on your own terms, you can activate the manual save function. Moreover, you can download a copy of your document to create a local version as backup or for sharing with users offline. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Understanding & converting file formats in Word iPad
    2m 47s
    If you want to open a document that is saved in an older Word format with the extension DOC you'll have to convert the file before making any changes. Learn how to tell the difference between a DOC and a DOCX file, convert a file saved in the older version and, finally, save this file to an appropriate location before beginning the editing process. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Printing your document in Word iPad
    2m 44s
    The Word for iPad print options allow you to choose between portrait and landscape format as well as adjust the margins size. You can also select which pages you'd like a hard copy of as well as how many copies of each you'd like to print. FREE ACCESS


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