Creating & Organizing Events in Workplace Web

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Workplace events are an ideal way to manage meetings and plan company events and activities. Discover how to use the event calendar, create and manage events, view and edit event details and activity, and respond to event invitations.


  • Navigate the workplace events section
    Create an event in workplace
    Manage an event in workplace
  • Create a group event in workplace
    Respond to an event invitation in workplace


  • 3m 8s
    To better organize your meetings and other professional appointments, you can schedule events. Before creating any events, it's important to understand how to access this option and understand the layout of the events section. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 3s
    Creating events in Workplace helps you organize your meetings and other professional events. You will see how to create an event and invite your coworkers to your event. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Managing an event in Workplace Web
    5m 7s
    Once you have started creating events on Workplace, you can manage them by editing the event details, exporting the event or its guest list as well as canceling the event. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Creating a group event in WorkPlace Web
    5m 51s
    On Workplace, you can create an event for a group and automatically invite all group members to the event. You will see how to create a group event and manage it as well as how to share it with your contacts. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Responding to an event invitation in WorkPlace Web
    4m 17s
    On Workplace, your coworkers can invite you to events that they are hosting. Once you are invited, you will be notified on Workplace as well as via email. You will see how to find your event invitations, respond to an invitation and view an event guest list. FREE ACCESS


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