Creating & Saving Apps in Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps    |    Beginner
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PowerApps give you the possibility to create apps from templates or create apps from scratch. Once you create an app, you will need to know how to navigate the editing interface to identify the key tools to manage your app. You can also use existing data from Excel or SharePoint to import your data and create apps easily within PowerApps. You can also configure app settings such as the auto-save feature or change how you app is displayed. The key concepts covered in this 10-video course include how to create an app from a template; how to create an app from an Excel workbook; and how to generate an app with SharePoint. Next, you will learn how to create a canvas app from scratch; how to access the app editing interface; and how to update and publish an app. Finally, observe how to restore and publish another version of your app; and learn to customize the settings of an app and to manage your apps.


  • use a template to create an app
    create an app from a template
    create an app from an Excel workbook
    generate an app with SharePoint
    create a canvas app from scratch
  • access the app editing interface
    update and publish an app
    restore and publish another version of your app
    customize the settings of an app
    manage your apps


  • 5m 42s
    PowerApps enables you to quickly create apps with built in templates. Browse, search and find the template you need to quickly create your app. You can easily create a mobile app in phone or tablet format. Once your app is created you can preview, modify elements and save your app in PowerApps. FREE ACCESS
  • 6m 9s
    From the Apps page you can create a Canvas app, choose your format as well select a template of data values to quickly create an app. See how to access , create, edit and view your app data in OneDrive from a template on PowerApps. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Creating an app with a workbook in Microsoft PowerApps
    5m 41s
    You can create an app based on an existing data source such as an Excel workbook. In order to use a workbook certain criteria must be met. The data needs to be formatted as a table and if you have multiple tables in a workbook it is advised to name your tables to easily locate them when creating an app. You will also need to store your file in a shared location such as OneDrive. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Generating an app with SharePoint in Microsoft PowerApps
    5m 15s
    You can create an app from SharePoint easily by selecting the PowerApps menu from the site contents page on SharePoint. Once you've connected your SharePoint data source, you can add and mange your app data within PowerApps. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creating a Canvas app from scratch in Microsoft PowerApps
    4m 53s
    In order to have complete control of the look and feel of your app, you can create a canvas app from scratch. You can choose the app format and start adding items, such as a data table, to your new app in PowerApps. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Accessing the app editing interface in Microsoft PowerApps
    4m 53s
    Once you have created your app, you can return to your app to continue editing your app in PowerApps. See how to access the editing interface as well as browse and use the editing interface tools. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Saving & publishing the newest version of an app in Microsoft PowerApps
    4m 26s
    If you have updated your app, you can save the app and a new version will be created. You can choose to publish the new version of the app right away or you can save it as a draft and publish it when you are ready. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Restoring and replacing apps in Microsoft PowerApps
    4m 28s
    If your app has multiple versions, you can restore and republish an older version of your app. See how to view all versions of your app, restore older versions and publish or remove other versions of your app in PowerApps. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Customizing settings of an app in Microsoft PowerApps
    In order to customize your app further, you can configure and update your app settings. You can update the name of your app, modify the app icon and add a custom icon image. See how to configure you app screen size settings as well as modify additional settings such as the app preview features in PowerApps. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Managing your apps in Microsoft PowerApps
    5m 19s
    In order to better manage your apps, you'll need to know how to access certain settings and details. See how to manage the auto-save settings as well as the app details and even delete apps you no longer need in PowerApps. FREE ACCESS


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