Creating Styles & Styling Text

CSS 3    |    Beginner
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CSS3 has a range of styling options for text and list presentation. Explore CSS, and discover how to use rule sets to create styles, group and apply styles, and apply styles for effective content display.


  • introduce CSS3 and demonstrate how styles can be applied to content
    describe user agent stylesheets and override them with a CSS Reset
    demonstrate how to use a rule set to apply a CSS style
    describe how CSS styles are inherited and cascaded
    describe how to implement inline CSS styles and discuss their drawbacks
    implement internal CSS styles
    reference external CSS style sheets
    describe basic CSS selectors including the universal, type and id, and class selectors
    group CSS selectors using child and sibling combinators
    use CSS  attribute selectors to apply styles based one or more of an element's attributes
  • describe CSS pseudo-classes, reasons for their use, benefits and drawbacks and use pseudo-classes to apply styles
    describe CSS pseudo-elements, reasons for their use, benefits and drawbacks, and use pseudo-elements to apply styles
    modify the specificity of a CSS selector
    use the CSS3 font face rule to apply a web font face
    use CSS properties  to style text
    use CSS properties such as direction, text-align, text-indent, text-spacing, and word-spacing to position text
    use CSS text decoration (including level 3 shorthand)
    use CSS pseudo selectors to style the first letter or line of a paragraph
    use CSS to style lists
    use CSS to create custom bulleted lists