Customizing your experience in Google Docs 2022

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Google Docs provides a plethora of features to help you customize your experience and create documents more efficiently. This course introduces you to a number of productivity-enhancing tools, including document templates and dropdown lists. You will see how to quickly insert any item from the "@ menu," use building blocks to create email drafts and meeting notes, and discover smart chips, interactive objects that show details about people, events, and more. In addition, the course explores the various ways in which Docs integrates with the other applications in the Google Workspace environment. See how to create events in Calendar, manage to-dos in Tasks, capture notes in Keep, and present in Meet, all from the Docs editing interface. Finally, find out how to get add-ons to extend your functionality in Google Docs.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in the customizing your experience in docs 2022 course
    Create, use, and manage document templates
    Insert preset and custom dropdown lists
    Use the @ menu and insert smart chips
    Use email draft and meeting notes building blocks
  • Use the integrated google calendar features
    Use the integrated google keep features
    Create and manage tasks
    Present a document in google meet
    Install, use, and manage add-ons


  • 58s
    This video outlines the key content covered in the Customizing your experience in Docs 2022 course, including creating document templates, using the @ menu and smart chips, and using Google Calendar in Docs. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 46s
    Templates allow you to save time and increase productivity when creating documents. In Google Docs, you can submit a document for use as a template by members of your organization. Find out how to create, use, edit and manage templates in this tutorial. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Inserting & customizing dropdown lists in Google Docs 2022
    4m 47s
    Dropdown lists allow users to quickly indicate the status of documents, projects, reviews, and more. If you want to use this feature, you can insert a preset dropdown or create your own custom template. See how to insert, customize, and edit dropdowns in this video. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Using the @ menu & smart chips in Google Docs 2022
    4m 58s
    Rather than navigating to the various menus at the top of the Docs interface, you can now easily insert various items on the page using the @menu. In addition to standard items like headings, tables, and images, you can also insert smart chips, interactive objects that show users details about files, people, and more. Watch the video to discover these exciting features. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creating meeting notes & email drafts in Google Docs 2022
    3m 59s
    Building blocks are useful templates for creating specific kinds of content right within your document to streamline your process. In addition to table templates, Docs now includes building blocks for email drafts and meeting notes. Watch the video to find out more. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Using Google Calendar in Google Docs 2022
    5m 4s
    Google Docs integrates in a number of interesting ways with Google Calendar. You can access your calendar through the side panel, attach your document to calendar events, and use smart chips for dates and events. Discover this useful app integration in this tutorial. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Using Google Keep with Google Docs 2022
    4m 14s
    With Google Docs and Google Keep integration, your notes and documents go hand in hand. In this video, you will see how to access your Keep notes from the Docs sidebar and save content from your document to Keep. You will also learn how to insert notes into your document and create a new document from a note. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Managing tasks in Google Docs 2022
    4m 40s
    The Google Tasks web application lets you easily track and check off your to-dos. In Docs, you can create and manage new tasks directly within your document, and access all your lists in Tasks through the side panel. Discover these integrated features in this tutorial. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Presenting your document via Google Meet in Google Docs 2022
    3m 9s
    Thanks to integration between Google Meet and Google Docs, you can easily present your document in Meet without leaving the Docs interface. In this video, you will see how to join or start a meeting, choose content to present, and manage your presentation. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Getting add-ons in Google Docs 2022
    4m 32s
    Add-ons are programs created by third parties that integrate with Google Docs. These tools allow you to extend the app's functionality and can be accessed in the side panel. Watch the tutorial to learn how to install, use, and manage add-ons. FREE ACCESS


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