Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure: Data Process Monitoring

Azure    |    Intermediate
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Being able to monitor data processes to ensure they are operational and working correctly is a crucial part of running your business. Azure provides the Azure Monitor service and the Azure Log Analytics service to perform this function. In this course, you'll learn about the features of the Azure Monitor tools and the concepts of continuous monitoring and visualization. Next, you'll examine how to create metric charts using the Azure Monitor, as well as how to collect and analyze Azure resource log data and perform queries against the Azure Monitor logs. You'll explore how to create and share dashboards that display data from Log Analytics, create Azure Monitor alerts, and use the Azure Data Factory Analytics solution to monitor pipelines. You'll learn how to send the Azure Databricks logs to the Azure Monitor and use the dashboard to analyze the Azure Databricks metrics. Finally, you'll learn how to enable monitoring for Azure Stream Analytics and configure alerts, and also query Azure Log Analytics and filter, sort, and group query results. This course is one in a collection that prepares learners for the Microsoft Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure (DP-203) exam.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this course
    Describe the features of the azure monitor tools and the concepts of continuous monitoring and visualization
    Create metric charts using the azure monitor
    Collect and analyze azure resource log data
    Perform queries against the azure monitor logs
    Create and share dashboards that display data from log analytics
    Describe the features of azure hdinsight for ingesting, processing, and analyzing big data
    Use the azure data factory analytics solution to monitor pipelines
  • Describe how to monitor and tune query performance
    Query azure log analytics and filter, sort, and group query results
    Describe how to implement versioning control in azure data factory
    Describe how to monitor cluster performance
    Describe how to implement logging for custom monitoring
    Archive data from a log analytics workspace to azure storage using logic app
    Summarize the key concepts covered in this course


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    3.  Creating Azure Monitor Metrics
    6m 58s
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    4.  Analyzing Azure Resource Logs
    5m 13s
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    5.  Querying Azure Monitor Logs
    7m 29s
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    6.  Creating Log Analytics Dashboards
    6m 1s
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    7.  Azure HDInsight
    6m 44s
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    8.  Monitoring Data Factory Pipelines
    9m 40s
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    9.  Monitoring and Tuning Query Performance
    10m 32s
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    10.  Monitoring Azure Log Analytics
    6m 58s
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    11.  Azure Data Factory Version Control
    5m 10s
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    12.  Azure Monitor Cluster Monitoring
    4m 30s
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    13.  Azure Monitor Custom Logging
    5m 55s
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    14.  Azure Monitor Logic App
    6m 25s
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    15.  Course Summary
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