Data Mining and Decision Making: Data Mining for Answering Business Questions

Data Science    |    Intermediate
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The data mining process provides the opportunity for businesses to collect additional information and insights that are unavailable through other everyday operations of the company. Use this course to learn more about how utilizing data mining effectively may provide a competitive advantage and additional knowledge about the market and competitors. Start by examining the essential concepts in data exploration using summary statistics and visuals and discover different data mining techniques. This course will also help you develop an understanding of the complete data mining process - data gathering, cleaning, exploration, and mining. After completing this course, you'll be able to use data mining to answer in-depth questions about any business.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this course
    Define and compare data science, data analytics and machine learning and recognize their use cases for business management
    Compare the roles of machine learning engineers and data scientists
    List and define major types of machine learning used in business management
    Describe the workings of a machine learning algorithm
    Outline the association rules used in data mining and specify their roles
  • Describe how to perform anomaly detection during data mining
    Describe how to perform customer segmentation during data mining
    Describe how to perform data analysis for business by showing examples of walmart and market basket
    Describe how to use data mining for clinical decision support through a case study
    Specify the importance of utilizing predictive analytics for business
    Summarize the key concepts covered in this course


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    3.  Machine Learning Engineer vs. Data Science
    4m 37s
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    4.  Types of Machine Learning
    5m 24s
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    5.  How Do Machine Learning Algorithms Work?
    4m 57s
    In this video, you'll learn more about machine learning as it relates to artificial intelligence and data science. You'll discover that machine learning is the result of analyzing data and the more data we have, the better performance the algorithm can achieve. This means the basic algorithms don't change, but the codes, internal weights and biases used to select a particular answer do. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Data Mining: Association Rules
    6m 20s
    In this video, you'll learn about the association rules used in data mining and specify their roles. An association rule is a formula that relates items that are often together. For example, all baked goods are placed on the same side of a store. All dairy items are placed together and cosmetics form another set of such groups. You'll discover how to use conditional probability in association rule mining and recommend systems. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Data Mining: Anomaly Detection
    5m 25s
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    8.  Data Mining: Customer Segmentation
    7m 59s
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    9.  Case Study: Walmart and Market Basket Analysis
    6m 1s
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    10.  Case Study: Customer Segmentation Analysis
    3m 59s
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    11.  Importance of Predictive Analysis in Business
    4m 53s
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    12.  Course Summary
    1m 42s


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