Database-as-a-Service with Neo4j: The AuraDB Cloud Database Service

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The Neo4j AuraDB cloud database service enables developers creating graph applications to focus on the same and not bother about database administration. Take this course to create and load an AuraDB database and integrate it with various tools in the Neo4j ecosystem. Practice setting up a free AuraDB account and provisioning an empty Neo4j cloud database. Learn how to migrate data to the database. Then, analyze data in an AuraDB database with the web-based Neo4j Bloom application. Moving along, practice writing a Python application to query an AuraDB database. Work on connecting with and running queries on the database using Cypher Shell. Upon completion, you'll be able to work with the Neo4j AuraDB cloud tool in order to simplify database administration for graph applications.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this course
    Use the aura web interface to create a neo4j auradb database instance on the cloud
    Generate a dump file for a local neo4j database and use it to populate an aura instance
    Use the command line interface (cli)-based push-to-cloud tool to migrate the contents of a local neo4j instance to an aura database
  • Analyze the contents of an aura database using the web-based neo4j bloom utility
    Write a python application to modify and read the contents of an aura database
    Connect to an aura database using cypher shell and run queries against it
    Summarize the key concepts covered in this course


  • 2m 29s
  • 7m 53s
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    3.  Migrating to Aura with a Dump File
    11m 57s
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    4.  Migrating to Aura Using Push-To-Cloud
    10m 3s
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    5.  Using Neo4j Bloom with Aura
    8m 12s
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    6.  Connecting to Aura from Python
    11m 31s
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    7.  Interacting with Aura Using Cypher Shell
    5m 3s
  • Locked
    8.  Course Summary
    2m 14s


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