Delivering & Publishing Presentations in Sway Windows 10

Sway Windows 10    |    Beginner
  • 4 videos | 13m 32s
  • Earns a Badge
Ready to delivery your Sway presentation? Discover how to use presentation mode and the different navigation styles; generate links to your presentation; and publish it to a blog, web site, or social network.


  • Use presentation mode in sway
    Use different navigation styles in sway
  • Share a presentation in sway
    Publish a presentation in sway


  • 2m 2s
    In order to present your Sway, you will need to use the Play tool. This will display your presentation as a set of slides, grouping and displaying all the elements that you have added. Learn how to locate and use this tool with ease. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 24s
    As well as traditional presentation mode, you can also set your Sway to scroll vertically or horizontally, displaying your cards as a series of connected elements, rather than individual slides. You can also enable accessibility mode if you have trouble viewing a Sway. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Sharing a presentation in Sway for Windows 10
    5m 4s
    You may wish to share your presentation as well as presenting it. Learn to generate links to your presentation and to define who is authorize to access it. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Publishing a presentation in Sway for Windows 10
    3m 3s
    If you would like to display your presentation on your blog or your website, you will need to use an embed code. Find out how to obtain such a code and how to publish your presentation online. You will also see how to publish your presentation on social networks. FREE ACCESS


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