Dependency Injection, HttpClient, and Tracing and Exception Handling

API    |    Intermediate
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ASP.NET Web API is a framework created by Microsoft that allows developers use their existing skills to create HTTP services using the .NET Framework. In this course, you'll be introduced to fundamental concepts for building HTTP services with ASP.NET Web API, beginning with the principles of SOLID, inversion of control (IoC) and dependency injection, abstraction of business logic, and how to create API clients with the .NET framework. Then you'll learn how to make requests with HttpClient, the role of the client-side pipeline, how to add message handlers to HttpClient, and the role of exception filters, loggers, and handlers. Finally, you'll discover how to use the IncludeErrorDetailPolicy, how to use tracing, and how to create ITraceWriters to implement custom tracers. This course was originally created by Global Knowledge (GK).


  • Define the design principles of solid
    Describe the principles inversion of control (ioc) and dependency injection
    Discuss how to create business logic abstractions with interfaces
    Describe how to integrate autofac for dependency injection
    Discuss considerations for creating api clients with the .net framework
    Describe how to make requests with httpclient
    Discuss the role of the client-side pipeline and injecting message handlers
    Describe how to add message handlers to httpclient
  • Discuss how to use retry handlers for when a service has become unavailable
    Describe the role of exception filters, exception loggers, and exception handlers
    Discuss how to create an exception logger in web api using iexceptionlogger
    Describe how to create custom exception handlers in web api using iexceptionhandler
    Discuss how to use the includeerrordetailpolicy enumeration to control how much error information is returned to a client
    Describe how to use tracing to follow the execution of code and view information flow
    Discuss how to enable tracing in a web api
    Describe how to create itracewriters to implement custom tracers



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