Enhancing a worksheet with visual elements in Excel 365 (2024)

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Excel 365 offers a suite of tools to beautify and enhance worksheets. Users can easily insert hyperlinks, add informative and attractive images, and tailor these images to fit their needs through resizing, cropping, or rotating. The Picture Tools tab provides a variety of editing options, such as brightness and contrast adjustments, along with artistic and decorative effects for comprehensive image customization. For further visual impact, shapes, and icons can be inserted and styled with a range of colors, gradients, and textures. The Symbol dialog box simplifies the inclusion of special characters, while WordArt allows for the creation of dynamic titles with various styles and effects. The workbook's overall look can be unified with themes from the Page Layout tab, which users can customize to reflect their personal or brand style. This course aligns with the objectives of Exam MO-210: Microsoft Excel (Microsoft 365 Apps). Would you like hands-on practice? Go to the Course Contents pane and download the sample files to follow along with select videos.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this enhancing a worksheet with visual elements in excel 365 (2024) course
    Insert, edit and remove hyperlinks
    Insert images in a worksheet
    Place images into cells
    Insert screenshots and screen clippings
    Apply correction, color style, and picture styles to an image
  • Replace, resize and crop images
    Insert and format shapes
    Insert and format icons
    Insert symbols and special characters
    Create and format wordart title
    Apply and customize a theme


  • 53s
    This video outlines the key content covered in this Enhancing a worksheet with visual elements in Excel 365 (2024) course; including how to insert and edit images, screenshots, and shapes; and how to create and format a WordArt title in Excel 365. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 48s
    In Excel 365, hyperlinks can be included in worksheets to connect to websites, email, or other files. Once inserted, a hyperlink can be removed if no longer needed. In this video, learn how to insert, edit and remove hyperlinks. This video aligns with MO-210 Microsoft Excel Exam objective: Insert and remove hyperlinks. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Inserting images in Excel 365
    4m 33s
    Worksheets in Excel 365 can be enhanced with images saved on a computer or sourced online. Discover how to access to a Bing-powered image directory available directly from the application. In this video, you'll also learn how to access to the tools for editing images and adding alt text. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Placing images into cells in Excel 365
    5m 5s
    Excel 365 allows the insertion of online images into cells using the IMAGE() function. This function enables the specification of the image URL, alternative text, and size parameters. Additionally, this video covers the use of the new Picture in Cell command to insert images from a device into a single cell or a group of merged cells. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Inserting screenshots in Excel 365
    4m 5s
    When there is information in another application, such as PowerPoint, that needs to be added to Excel 365, a screenshot of the displayed data can be inserted. This video offers instructions on how to insert screenshots and take screen clippings directly within Excel 365. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Editing images in Excel 365
    5m 19s
    At times, images inserted into Excel 365 may require editing to enhance their appearance. Discover how to modify the color, apply artistic effects, or even implement a Picture Style. In this video, learn how to edit images and access to advanced formatting options. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Modifying images in Excel 365
    5m 5s
    Excel 365 provides a suite of tools for modifying and managing images. Learn how to utilize an image from the Clipboard to replace an existing image, as well as how to resize and crop images to retain only the desired area. Additionally, discover how to compress and reset images to revert all changes applied. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Inserting and formatting shapes in Excel 365
    4m 58s
    Shapes in Excel 365 can be utilized to create diagrams and illustrate work processes and ideas. These shapes can be duplicated, grouped, and annotated with text. In this video, learn how to insert and format shapes in a worksheet. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    9.  Inserting and formatting icons in Excel 365
    4m 6s
    Icons offer a visual representation of data in an Excel 365 worksheet, eliminating the need to search for suitable images online. In this video, learn how to insert, edit, and group icons in a worksheet. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Inserting symbols and special characters in Excel 365
    3m 48s
    Excel 365 features a collection of special characters not available on standard keyboards, such as the copyright and registered trademark symbols. In this video, learn how to insert special characters in Excel 365. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Creating and formatting a WordArt title in Excel 365
    4m 46s
    The WordArt tool in Excel 365 is designed for crafting professional-looking titles complete with color and effects. In this video, explore how to create, edit, and clear a WordArt title in Excel 365. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    12.  Using and customizing themes in Excel 365
    4m 21s
    Themes in Excel 365 can alter the overall look of a workbook and are customizable; for instance, users can change the set of fonts, colors, and effects. In this video, you will discover how to apply themes and save a custom theme. FREE ACCESS


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