Ethical Hacker: Hacking Techniques

IT Security    |    Intermediate
  • 14 videos | 1h 3m 44s
  • Includes Assessment
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Ultimately, ethical hacking is about hacking, so the ethical hacker must have some hands-on hacking skills. Explore fundamental hacking techniques in this 14-video course: SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), malware, using viruses, DoS attacks, steganography, using Metasploit, and Windows hacking. Key concepts covered here include how to use SQL injection and variations; how to execute basic SQL Injection; and learning how to recognize XSS, an attack on the user via the website, as opposed to attacks on the website via the user. Next, learners examine malware threats and learn how to recognize and describe types of malware; learn to implement an innocuous virus in penetration testing; and learn the types of DoS and associated countermeasures. Continue by learning how steganography works, a technique important to ethical hacking because it is a favorite technique to exfiltrate data from malicious insiders; and the basics of Metasploit, a penetration-testing software that finds security issues, verifies vulnerability mitigations, and manages security assessments. Finally, learn to execute basic Metasploit commands; and learn to use common Windows hacking techniques.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    describe SQL injection and variations
    execute basic SQL Injection
    describe cross-site scripting
    describe malware threats
    recognize and describe types of malware
    implement an innocuous virus in penetration testing
  • recognize types of DoS and associated counter measures
    describe how steganography works
    use common steganography tools
    recall the basics of Metasploit
    execute basic Metasploit commands
    use common Windows hacking techniques
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course



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