Expert Insights on Leadership and Coaching with Sanyin Siang

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Today's leaders can no longer fall back on yesterday's leadership modes and methods. Business, like the rest of the world, has changed, and to be successful, leaders must not only recognize, but embrace those changes. In this course, leadership expert Sanyin Siang takes you through how you can enhance your people skills through listening, building relationships, and creating safe, trusting environments in which your teams can flourish.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this course
    Recognize the importance of self-reflection to leaders
    Recognize the significance of creating a sense of hope in team members
    Identify the proper mindset necessary for approaching feedback effectively
    Recognize how to leverage feedback to the benefit of the organization
    Identify your leadership "superpower" and leverage it to your benefit
    Recognize the steps for creating a psychologically safe team
    Identify common principles that make networking easier
  • Identify tips for controlling your time
    Recognize strategies for overcoming the fear of failure
    Identify four key stakeholders you need to drive change successfully
    Identify strategies for becoming effective coaches
    Identify tips for providing emotional support for your team members
    Recognize actions for building trust with your team
    Identify steps for building a shared culture
    Recognize the characteristics of outcomes-based listening


  • 2m 50s
    In this video, leadership expert Sanyin Siang explains the purpose and importance of the course, Expert Insights on Leadership and Coaching. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 17s
    The context of leadership is changing. In this video, CEO advisor and coach, educator, and head of a leadership center Sanyin Siang identifies and shares insight into the three major trends in this “new leadership context” across disciplines and sectors. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  The Importance of Self-reflection
    2m 4s
    Reflection is a powerful tool for successful leadership. While most of us assume we’re self-reflective, when asked, few of us can say what constitutes self-reflective behavior and practices. In this video Sanyin Siang explains the importance of genuine self-reflection to business leaders. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Actionable Hope
    3m 7s
    The emotional landscape of the workplace is shifting. Today's leaders have to be more in tune with the emotional pulse of their teams in ways they may never have considered before. In this video, Sanyin Siang explains why injecting hope is an integral element of team leadership. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  The Mindset for Effective Feedback
    2m 33s
    Whether giving or receiving, most of us dread the word feedback, which conjurs up feeling of judgment, failure, and inadequacy. In this video, Sanyin Siang explains that feedback can instead be a tool for empowerment, if approached with the proper mindset. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Empowering Feedback for the Organization
    2m 17s
    The goal of feedback varies from changing behaviors to reducing anxiety through encouragement. In this video, Sanyin Siang explains the three broad principles for approaching feedback with emotional generosity toward your team members. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Identifying Your Superpower
    2m 16s
    All leaders have "superpowers," but not all leaders recognize them or know how to properly harness them for their own good and the good of the organization. In this video, Sanyin Siang takes you through the steps for unleashing your potential and that of your team. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Creating Psychologically Secure Teams
    3m 9s
    Psychological safety in the workplace is increasingly at the forefront of leading people. Creating a team that has mutual respect for everyone, trust in leadership, and a culture that values everyone equally is essential for today's leaders. In this video, Sanyin Siang lays out the steps for creating such an atmosphere and such a team. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Building Effective Relationships
    2m 25s
    Networking doesn't come easily for everyone. Many leaders are introverted or reticent by nature and find reaching out and making new contacts a chore. In this video, Sanyin Siang lays out principles that can help smooth out the wrinkles in networking and make it less about connecting and more about building relationships. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Controlling Time
    1m 47s
    It's a truism of both business and life that there's never enough time. We all face the pressure of conflicting priorities and looming deadlines. In this video, Sanyin Siang provides tips for controlling time and using it intentionally. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Rethinking Failures
    2m 48s
    If you've never failed, then you've never really tried. Anyone who embarks on a challenge is bound to fall short now and again. But leaders can't let this reality keep them from continually striving for success. In this video, Sanyin Siang lays out strategies leaders can adopt to help them overcome a fear of failure and recognize the importance of learning from mistakes and moving forward. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  The Four Stakeholders You Need for Change
    3m 10s
    Whether contemplating a change in your career path or a life-changing idea, deviating from the status quo can cause uncertainty. This is why, when planning your next step, you need emotional support, advice, and feedback. In this video, Sanyin Siang takes you through four key stakeholders you need in your corner to drive change successfully. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  The Leader as Coach
    2m 46s
    The best leaders have a coaching mentality, putting the development of others first, understanding team dynamics, and focusing on the long-term success of their people. In this video, Sanyin Siang explains that any leader can learn and develop a coaching mentality by adopting a few key strategies. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  The Leader as Comforter-in-Chief
    2m 28s
    Today's business leaders cannot ignore their employees’ emotional needs. But how can they do so in a professional manner that creates psychological safety and empowers their team? In this video, Sanyin Siang provides tips for leaders who find themselves in the unusual role of comforter-in-chief. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Innovation through Trust
    2m 57s
    The old leadership model of command and control is dead. And good riddance. Today, leaders understand that customers and employees want organizations to be transparent, to respond quickly, and to treat them as fully human. In this video, Sanyin Siang takes you through actions leaders can take to build trust with their teams. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Cohering Culture
    2m 34s
    Every time the work environment changes, it’s an opportunity to reexamine how the company’s values are embodied in its corporate and team culture. In this video, Sanyin Siang lays out steps you can take to build a coherent team and organizational culture that fosters success. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  Listening as Leaders: Outcomes-based Listening
    2m 27s
    Not all leaders have internalized listening as a vital and necessary part of their role. While they may be good at giving direction, this otherwise positive trait can sometimes lead them to bad listening habits that are counterproductive. In this video, Sanyin Siang describes the characteristic of outcomes-based listening and why it's important to succcessful leadership. FREE ACCESS


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