Final Exam: Advanced Docker Principles

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Final Exam: Advanced Docker Principles will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Advanced Docker Principles track of the Skillsoft Aspire Building Advanced Docker Skills Journey.


  • Describe docker basic functionality and purpose
    recognize the common myths and misconceptions about docker and its functionality
    identify main benefits of using multiple docker containers and reasons for doing so
    describe what microservices are, their purpose and reasons for use
    outline best practices during deployment automation using a multi-docker approach
    describe functionality and concept behind docker multi-container
    recall the concept of multiple docker containers
    describe the process for defining multiple docker containers in the same solution
    outline one approach to running docker containers in the same environment
    describe the principles of running an application using two docker containers in the two different cloud environment
    describe the features of docker
    describe the components of the docker environment
    describe the elements, features and purpose of docker compose
    install the docker system, and docker compose on the windows 10 pro, enterprise, and education operating systems
    install the docker system and docker compose on the linux operating system
  • describe the available docker and docker compose installation environments
    describe the fundamentals of docker compose and the key features
    describe some of the best practice when working with docker compose
    describe the features of the docker compose cli
    build a wordpress application using docker compose
    list characteristics of container storage in docker
    provide an overview of docker compose and list its features
    provide an overview of common use cases for docker compose
    demonstrate how to work with multiple compose files
    recognize how to work with multiple compose files
    demonstrate how to add new containers to a project
    provide an overview of microservices in docker and understand their value
    list common areas to address when designing a microservice architecture
    recognize security challenges of microservices
    demonstrate how to deploy docker with multiple microservices


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