Final Exam: Front-end Developer

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Final Exam: Front-end Developer will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Front-end Developer track of the Skillsoft Aspire Enterprise Developer to Full Stack Developer Journey.


  • Convert an existing boilerplate app into a component
    list the features of the xmlhttprequest object
    identify the stages in the service worker life cycle
    add a simple component
    identify and manipulate the content of html elements
    identify and manipulate the content of html elements with chaining
    describe commonly used dom inspector tools
    consolidate parts into a whole page
    install a react router
    develop json objects
    install and configure the vuejs cli
    use npm modules in browsers
    avoid conflict by creating separate dom elements
    configure browser development tools for app development
    identify all the storage options on the client
    use ajax to reload content in an html page
    recognize the importance of the http module
    add a branch and merge it with the master
    select dom elements using css-related properties
    apply the httpclient module to fetch data from an api
    work with the host file system
    push files to github
    build a simple server
    apply callbacks within a function
    write a jquery method to perform a simple task
    set up and install sass preprocessor
    recognize the need for persistent communication with the server
    apply media queries to make page responsive
    run a simple test with nodejs, mocha, and chai
    extract variable value using a closure
  • configure mysql and retrieve records
    add html to existing components
    compare the various selectors in css
    list the requirements for plugin development
    describe page styles and dynamically change any of those styles
    create new html tags
    apply methods to register behaviors
    list the components of a js testing environment
    organize components for future scalin
    access and get data from an external source
    examine the role that forms play in fsd
    use npm to install express
    convert a functional component to use classes
    create tasks with gulp
    adding bootstrap classes to angular 7
    set up and install less preprocessor
    prevent cors errors
    use a cdn to access the vuejs library
    use variables and nesting to speed up css development
    list and use various types of functions
    lint a file using gulp
    write markup that is not rendered
    identify the main parts of an angular app
    download and install nodejs
    configure a web worker
    use npm init to create a package.json file
    install git and create an account
    add handlers to work with deferred objects
    install reactjs and use create-react-app
    use ajax to reload content in an html page


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