Final Exam: Generative AI on AWS

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Final Exam: Generative AI and AWS will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Generative AI and AWS track.


  • Outline the principles of generative artificial intelligence (ai) and how aws is inclined towards genai
    identify advantages of using aws for developing and deploying generative ai
    outline how foundational models work
    recall the fundamental concepts of generative models and their applications in machine learning
    analyze the different types of generative models, including generative adversarial networks (gans) and variational autoencoders (vaes)
    compare and contrast the pros and cons of various generative model architectures
    design and implement a gan architecture using amazon sagemaker
    describe amazon bedrock
    list the benefits of using amazon bedrock for developing generative ai models
    use amazon bedrock to develop a generative ai model
    demonstrate how to set up amazon codewhisperer for the first time
    discuss how to set up codewhisperer for various platforms including jetbrains and jupyter lab
    provide an overview of security scans and demonstrate how to activate and configure security scans for active files and dependencies in codewhisperer
  • identify best practices for generating and integrating code with amazon codewhisperer
    provide an overview of amazon polly and its role in text to speech generation
    identify key features of amazon polly for implementing text-to-speech generation
    discuss ways to leverage speech generation using amazon polly, including neural text-to-speech (tts) and ssml tags
    provide an overview of how to install and configure amazon polly for windows (sapi) and use polly in applications
    identify the importance of chatbots and how they enhance customer interactions and user engagement
    provide an overview of amazon lex and how it's used
    identify key features of amazon lex and how it can be used to build conversational interfaces
    configure an amazon lex bot with intents, slots and prompts for effective conversation management
    describe generative ai services and the role they place in various industries and applications
    discuss steps for preparing to deploy generative ai models on aws
    provide an overview of aws's pre-trained ai services


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