Final Exam: Generative AI on GCP

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Final Exam: Generative AI and GCP will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Generative AI and GCP track.


  • Outline the fundamentals of generative artificial intelligence (ai) and its applications in the cloud
    provide an overview of the generative ai services provided by google cloud platform (gcp)
    identify key advantages of using google cloud platform generative ai for enterprise application development
    identify the challenges associated with using google cloud platform for generative ai
    outline gcp's powerful machine learning services, vertex ai and automl, and how they can be leveraged for generative ai development
    provide an overview of the life cycle of developing and deploying generative ai models
    outline gcps generative ai services for image generation and natural language processing (nlp)
    identify key features of vertex ai, including mlops, automl, custom training, and interfaces
    outline the fundamentals of vertex ai and its role in the machine learning (ml) life cycles
    deploy a basic model using vertex ai
    automate the end-to-end ml workflow using vertex ai
    identify advantages and benefits of using vertex ai for developing and deploying ml models
    provide an overview of generative ai support in vertex ai
  • describe generative ai models available in vertex ai
    provide an overview of features and capabilities of generative ai studio within vertex ai
    outline how to explore various models using model garden
    outline responsible ai in vertex ai with safety filters
    provide an overview of prompt design that results in desired outcomes from language models
    describe the process for training a generative ai model using generative ai studio
    demonstrate how to fine-tune a generative ai model using generative ai studio
    outline how to evaluate a generative ai model's performance using generative ai studio
    demonstrate how to deploy a gcp generative ai app to a website
    provide an overview for building a generative ai model
    demonstrate how to set up a google cloud environment required for training a generative adversarial network (gan)
    demonstrate how to train a generative ai model and show results


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