Final Exam: Object-oriented Concepts in C++

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Final Exam: Object-oriented Concepts in C++ will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Object-oriented Concepts in C++ track of the Skillsoft Aspire Programming in C++ Journey.


  • Outline encapsulation and the use of classes and objects
    create a class and use the public access modifier
    create variables and define getters and setters
    use private and public constructors and functions
    add default arguments to constructors
    create structs and contrast them with classes
    use the this pointer
    chain method calls by returning the this pointer
    create const objects and const member functions
    access static variables using the scope resolution operator
    define and invoke static functions
    define and use object destructors
    create copies of objects using c++'s default copy constructor
    implement a custom copy constructor
    access private variables using friend functions and classes
    store functions and classes in namespaces
    contrast is-a relationships and inheritance with has-a relationships and composition
    compare public and private members of base classes
    use the protected access modifier for derived and external classes
    use ‘protected’ as the base class access specifier
    invoke base class constructors from derived classes
    create pointers to derived and base class objects
    create references to derived and base class objects
    demonstrate ways of getting around name hiding
    contrast compile time and runtime polymorphism
    enable runtime polymorphism using the ‘virtual’ keyword
    recall that the signatures of dynamically dispatched methods must be the same
    disable overriding and inheritance using the ‘final’ keyword
    enable runtime polymorphism by marking destructors as virtual
    use the scope resolution operator to invoke specific versions of virtual methods
  • outline the concept of abstract classes
    outline the concepts of multiple inheritance and the diamond hierarchy
    perform multiple inheritance and explore naming collisions
    perform dynamic casts
    outline key concepts of operator overloading
    overload the < operator
    inline operator overloads and to use as member functions
    overload operators with primitive types as the right operand
    use std::rel_ops and implement comparison operators
    use the overloaded + operator
    perform operator overloading of the += operator
    overload the pre and post increment operators
    overload the insertion and extraction operators
    instantiate objects and use the default copy assignment operator
    differentiate when the copy constructor should be used and when the copy assignment operator should be used
    use the copy-swap idiom to write exception safe code
    illustrate the use of function and class templates
    recall the need for function templates
    name templates to explicitly specify their type
    invoke functions with specialized templates
    create function templates with multiple values
    use decl_type and contrast it with auto
    create and instantiate classes with class template parameters
    use non-type template parameters with classes
    illustrate the features of non-type parameters
    create specializations of class templates
    check template type parameters using static_assert
    create l-value and r-value references using the & and && operators
    define a move assignment operator
    implement move constructors and move assignment operators


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