Final Exam: Python in Action

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Final Exam: Python in Action will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Python in Action track of the Skillsoft Aspire Programming Python in Action Journey.


  • Contrast versions 2 and 3 of python and understand what is involved in migrating to the newer version
    identify the new features of python 3 and how these can help you build better apps
    recognize and apply the best practices to write robust, and easy-to-maintain python apps
    recognize libraries used to create desktop apps in python
    recognize what tkinter is and how it is used for gui development
    install and set up tkinter
    create a basic tkinter app
    add widgets and resize tkinter apps
    add, view, and modify text entry widgets in an application
    recognize the grid geometry manager and fix a bug in an application
    recognize the place geometry manager and format elements and arrange components in an application
    use the scrolled text widget to store text
    create a file picker for an app
    convert a pandas data frame to a tree view
    add a scrollbar to a tree view, remove data, and review errors when loading data
    introduce the menu bar widget
    add seaborn charts to a tkinter app
    open mysql on a shell and create a table
    connect to mysql from an app and pull data to display in tree view
    write out to mysql from an app
    trigger a function from a single-click on a tree view
    add an event handler for a double-click on a tree view
    modularize code for your app
    create a sign-up page for an app
    summarize how web requests and web servers work
    compare and contrast python frameworks for building web applications
    identify the different phases in a web2py workflow
    modify basic constructs of the web2py framework
    modify and edit the default application files
    identify how to update the content of the index template to create a new homepage for the app
  • demonstrate how to set up a controller and view, and the relationship which exists between them.
    recognize how to pass query parameters through a url to a web2py app
    compare the different scopes of request and session variables
    identify the steps involved in connecting a web2py app to a mysql database
    illustrate how to use the default web2py app interface to sign up new users
    recognize how to insert rows into a table using the web2py admin interface
    identify how to use the web2py grid to search the contents of a database table
    modify an existing template by using required components and extending them with your own
    outline how to include static resources such as images and css files to the web2py app
    create a new table and configure it using built-in web2py constructs
    outline how to incorporate a sqlform into a web2py app to enable database inserts from the ui
    demonstrate how to map a url to an individual row in a relational database to enable access to resources
    identify how to render the data retrieved from individual rows in a database in a web2py app
    recognize how foreign key references can be implemented when defining a table for a web2py app
    list the steps to allow for removal of items from a shopping cart, while also updating the product inventory
    outline the benefits of serverless application deployment
    demonstrate the default lambda configurations
    test a lambda function
    create an eventbridge trigger
    recognize successful and unsuccessful lambda-canary executions
    expose rest apis to execute lambdas
    accept and process query string parameters
    send post requests to a lambda
    set up the aws cli and configure a docker image
    create a docker image and deploy it to amazon elastic container registry (ecr)
    set up code to connect to twitter using tweepy
    create and execute a lambda function from the aws cli
    write out to s3 from a lambda function
    write emails through ses using a lambda function
    create a lambda function that writes data out to dynamodb


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