Final Exam: Raw Data To Insights

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Final Exam: Raw Data To Insights will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Raw Data To Insights track of the Skillsoft Aspire Data for Leaders and Decision Makers Journey.


  • Identify key advantages of using computer vision in predictive analytics pipelines
    identify key advantages of using nlp techniques in predictive analytics pipelines
    describe the prospects of predictive analytics alongside its most promising fields of study
    describe broadly how a neural network works
    specify the role of deep learning and artificial neural networks when dealing with data
    describe the role of data science and data analysis in modern business
    name the steps and processes essential to any data science project
    specify the business perspective in relation to data analysis and predictive modeling
    list the processes essential to preparing data and specify their role
    describe how descriptive analysis can be used to drive business decision making
  • define key characteristics and requirements for the data collection pipeline
    describe the purpose of the data validation process and name major steps in data validation
    specify several ways to clean the dataset and describe why data cleaning is necessary
    describe how good visualization of data can become a key business driver
    name advanced visualization techniques and describe their use cases
    name and define major types of machine learning used in business management
    describe broadly how a machine learning algorithm works
    compare the roles of machine learning engineers and data scientists
    define and compare data science, data analytics and machine learning and their use cases for business management
    name the association rules used in data mining and specify their roles


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