Final Exam: Software Tester

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Final Exam: Software Tester will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Software Tester track of the Skillsoft Aspire Software Tester to DevOps Automated Tester Journey.


  • demonstrate how to perform REST API testing using SoapUI
    describe the various software testing tools for testing web applications, web services, system load, and databases
    recognize key software testing strategies and techniques in development within a DevOps culture
    describe the benefits of using continuous integration
    recognize key concepts underpinning the DevOps software development movement
    describe automated testing, the automated testing process, and the scope of automated testing
    recognize key software testing strategies and techniques in production within a DevOps culture
    describe the continuous integration pipeline and how to configure it to efficiently run automated tests
    describe the benefits and features of SoapUI
    recognize the challenges related to continuous testing in a DevOps testing pipeline
    work with Selenium to record and export user interactions with a Web browser
    recognize the importance of collaboration in a DevOps testing workflow
    work with performance and load testing tools
    describe types of automated testing and goal of each test type
    describe the SDLC within a DevOps software development movement
    demonstrate how to create an API test using Katalon Studio
    recognize the benefits of continuous integration
    describe how to regression test a relational database and available testing tools
    recognize key general software testing techniques that can comprise testing strategies
    describe Katalon Studio and the available web, API, and mobile testing modules
    recognize the role that test optimization plays in a DevOps culture
    recognize the role that test automation plays in a DevOps culture
    describe the test plan for Agile automated testing and Agile testing strategies
    describe the automated testing framework, framework guidelines, and types of software testing
    understand how continuous integration and automated testing are related and to how to create effective automated tests
    describe the considerations necessary when generating a testing strategy in a DevOps culture
    compare Agile and DevOps principles and define best practices for aligning test automation with both
    recognize the benefits related to continuous testing in a DevOps testing pipeline
    describe manual testing plans, tests cases, and defect reports
    recognize key considerations when choosing DevOps test tools
  • describe the different types of automated testing including web applications, mobile devices, web service and data testing
    describe the Selenium test automation tool and its advantages
    describe the purpose of continuous integration and why it is important for software development
    describe why continuous integration is crucial to developing high quality software systems and increasing customer satisfaction
    compare continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment and how they are related to each other
    describe the steps to becoming an automated tester and challenges faced in automated testing
    describe load testing and some of the tools available for performing load testing
    demonstrate how to record and playback a web test using Katalon Studio
    describe some of the best practices for using continuous integration
    describe the concepts of continuous testing and test orchestration in a DevOps testing pipeline
    describe common mistakes that companies make when trying to integrate and utilize continuous integration and how to avoid making those mistakes
    work with test-driven development tools for automating acceptance tests
    recognize the key concepts of a DevOps pipeline
    describe the concept of continuous integration
    work with Docker containers for application packaging
    demonstrate how to use Selenium to test a web page
    describe the features of common continuous integration tools
    describe the concept of continuous delivery
    recognize some common tools used in the orchestration of continuous testing in a DevOps environment
    compare the differences between automated and manual testing, the pros and cons of each method, and when to use each method
    describe how Agile kicked off a changing approach to software testing culminating in DevOps
    recognize the key principles behind the DevOps movement represented by the acronym CALMS
    work with Git for code versioning control
    describe reasons why automated testing may not be catch all risks
    describe how DevOps requires a different approach to software testing
    describe the stages of the continuous integration pipeline and the importance of each phase
    recognize the various types of DevOps testing tools
    recognize key challenges when automating software testing
    describe the concept of continuous Deployment
    describe the automated tester mindset and the goals of software testing



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