Final Exam: Software Testing

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Final Exam: Software Testing will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Software Testing journey.


  • Describe how google remote procedure call (grpc) apis work
    recall the restful api architecture
    outline best practices of api design
    view responses and status codes
    create and update git repositories
    make post requests using curl
    view curl config options
    use query parameters and path variables
    configure headers and parse curl requests
    add resources with post requests
    send put, patch, and delete requests
    use test scripts with put and delete requests
    explore basic and digest authentication
    explore header presets
    perform tests with collections
    write test scripts for schema validation
    work with the postman cli
    set up end-to-end tests with data files
    perform end-to-end tests with loops
    create mocks of post requests
    recall how postman and k6 can be used for performance testing
    set up an api server and send it a request
    create a collection of tests for api endpoints
    view and interpret the postman performance report
    run tests using the ramp-up load profile in postman
    create a postgresql server on the gcp
    run performance tests against an inefficient api server
    use caching to store data in the frontend
    identify slow running requests
    perform load testing using k6
  • perform smoke testing using k6
    run load tests and stress tests with k6
    run spike tests and breakpoint tests with k6
    view causes of security vulnerabilities
    explore basics of api security
    set up a local server with basic authentication
    perform security tests for basic authentication
    catch authentication failures with security tests
    view how sql injection attacks are executed
    view the requests in the postman security collection
    provide an overview of the contract testing process
    define an api with the openapi specification
    define security schemes for apis
    define response headers in open api
    define schemas in the components section
    specify array response bodies and parameters in apis
    run a contract test and view the results
    use the postman contract test generator
    outline how ci/cd works with github actions
    set up an application programming interface (api) server on the google cloud platform (gcp)
    run collections from the cli with newman
    view html reports with newman
    commit postman test scripts to git
    create a continuous integration and continuous delivery (ci/cd) pipeline
    trigger the run of a ci/cd pipeline
    configure a ci/cd workflow to send an email
    send mutation requests
    pass in arguments and variables
    run queries using postman
    send mutations using postman


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