Final Exam: Spring Basics

Java Spring    |    Intermediate
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Final Exam: Spring Basics will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Spring Basics track of the Skillsoft Aspire Javanista to Java Master Journey.


  • Outline the model-view-controller design paradigm and how spring can help implement it for an application
    describe spring framework and recognize how it can help java developers
    recognize how spring boot can be used to simplify application development
    describe the features available in the spring framework to implement dependency injection
    recognize the concept of dependency injection and inversion of control
    create an applicationcontext instance to provision and inject beans
    set the properties of a bean using tags in an xml file
    set methods to run after bean construction and before their destruction
    recognize the different ways in which bean references can be set
    outline the limitations of autowiring
    create a class whose beans depend on several other beans
    apply autowiring to the beans created from a class using the autowired annotation
    apply the autowired annotation to the setters and constructors of a bean class
    recognize different ways to define pointcuts
    define pointcuts in your application that apply to methods in multiple classes
  • define a method that can be set as an aspect in a java application
    recognize what mechanisms are available to implement aspect-oriented programming in java
    create a custom annotation in order to explicitly define the methods that must match a pointcut
    configure a pointcut using the within designator in order to map to join points within a class or package
    create a project where aspects can be configured with an xml file
    set aspects to run before and after certain methods in your application using before and after advices
    execute aspects after a method has executed successfully or when it throws an exception
    use apache maven to create a java project that uses the hibernate framework
    apply hibernate apis to persist the data in java objects to a relational database
    use jpa configurations and annotations to define the entities in a java app and map them to a relational database
    configure entities in an application using jpa annotations
    define a class whose members will serve as the composite key for an entity in an application
    use the jpa apis to add new data to and retrieve existing data from a table in a relational database
    define entities in an application that have a one-to-one relationship with one another
    implement a one-to-many relationship between entities in an application using jpa


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