Final Exam: Technical Product Management

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Final Exam: Technical Product Management will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Technical Product Management journey.


  • Define technical product management
    differentiate product management from project management
    identify key stakeholders
    specify technical product manager responsibilities
    describe the importance of technical skills
    outline the challenges in technical product management
    identify target market and customer personas
    design market research methodologies
    understand customers
    analyze user behavior data
    interpret survey results
    segment customer groups
    formulate product vision and mission
    develop the business model canvas
    promote product-led growth
    construct product roadmaps
    review roadmap progress
    recognize when to stop adding features
    interview stakeholders to gather requirements
    document product requirements
    develop user stories and use cases
    apply prioritization techniques
    organize requirements into epics and sprints
    revise requirements based on feedback
    describe phases of the product life cycle
    analyze product viability at each phase
    describe life cycle management best practices
    prepare for end-of-life phase
    compare different product life cycle models
    decide when to pivot or iterate
  • outline basic design principles
    identify how to review wireframes and mockups
    recall how to provide feedback on designs
    identify how to interpret technical specifications
    outline how to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders
    recall how to participate in sprint planning meetings
    outline how to plan a go-to-market strategy
    identify strategies to coordinate product launch activities
    provide an overview of how to create marketing collaterals
    engage early adopters and beta testers
    analyze pre-launch metrics
    outline how to implement a launch campaign
    analyze post-launch feedback
    identify areas for improvement
    implement hotfixes and patches
    plan new feature releases
    monitor user adoption rates
    review post-launch key learnings
    identify key performance indicators (kpis)
    specify a/b testing product features
    evaluate roi of product features
    review metrics with stakeholders
    adjust product strategy based on metrics
    analyze funnel metrics
    discuss project management tools
    explore basic coding concepts
    apply mockup and wireframing tools
    navigate version control systems
    manage the product backlog
    use wikis and documentation platforms


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