Fire and Explosion Hazards (HAZWOPER)

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This course identifies procedures and precautions to help reduce the risks of fire and explosion from chemical reactions, ignition of explosive or flammable chemicals, ignition of materials due to oxygen enrichment, and sudden releases of materials under pressure. By learning how to protect yourself and others from fire and explosion hazards, you can help save time, resources, serious injuries, and loss of life. The content in this course is designed to comply with the intent of the applicable regulatory requirements. The learning objectives of the course are to identify the four elements that trigger a fire; define the terms ignitable, flammable, combustible, and oxidizer; identify safety principles to protect against fire and explosion; specify safe handling procedures for potentially flammable or explosive materials; recognize ignition sources; and identify proper storage of flammable and explosive materials. The course was developed and reviewed with subject matter support provided by certified subject matter experts and industry professionals. Please note, the course materials and content were current with the laws and regulations at the time of the last expert review, however, they may not reflect the most current legal developments. Nothing herein, or in the course materials, shall be construed as professional advice as to any particular situation with respect to compliance with legal statutes or requirements.


  • identify characteristics of combustible and flammable materials and liquids
  • identify explosion hazards
  • identify flammable or explosive fuel sources
  • identify safe handling procedures for potentially flammable or explosive materials
  • identify safe storage procedures for potentially flammable or explosive materials


  • Fire and Explosion Hazards
  • Flammable and Combustible Materials
  • Safety Principles – Proper Handling
  • Safety Principles – Proper Storage