Formatting Data in Excel iPad

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To get the most out of your data, it must be accurate and easy to read. Discover data formatting techniques in Excel for iPad, including how to set a cell's format, align data, use colors and styles, and insert borders and hyperlinks.


  • Change a cell's data format in excel for ipad
    Format data in excel for ipad
    Align your data in excel for ipad
    Use color in excel for ipad
    Modify cell styles in excel for ipad
  • Transfer format styles in excel for ipad
    Modify your text case in excel for ipad
    Insert borders in excel for ipad
    Make your title stand out in excel for ipad
    Insert a hyperlink in excel for ipad


  • 4m 27s
    You can insert a large variety of data types in your Excel for iPad workbook. You can, for example, create dates, percentages, prices, and text values. You can ensure that these values are correctly displayed by using the format tools. These tell Excel for iPad how to classify your data and how to adjust its appearance in your spreadsheet. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 23s
    In Excel for iPad, you can change how your text appears in your document by modifying the font style and size. You can also create italicized, bold or underlined text, and it's even possible to apply strikethrough or superscript. Emphasis will make certain text elements in your document stand out. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Aligning your data in Excel iPad
    3m 8s
    You can improve the appearance of your table by adjusting your cell's alignment settings. In Excel for iPad, you can not only adjust the horizontal alignment of your cells, but also the vertical alignment. It is even possible to merge multiple cells. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Using colors in Excel iPad
    3m 37s
    Color can help to make your data stand out to your reader. It can also be used to make it easier to read your table. In Excel for iPad, you can apply color to two main elements: your cell's contents, and its background. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Modifying cell styles in Excel iPad
    2m 54s
    Cell styles determine the font and font size, number format, cell border, and cell shading. Choosing a cell style will allow you to quickly customize the cells in your Excel for iPad document. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Transferring format styles in Excel iPad
    3m 34s
    If you have formatted an existing table and you want to reuse the style that you have created, you can transfer it to another data selection. In Excel for iPad, you can use the copy and paste tools to quickly transfer your format styles. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Modifying your text case in Excel iPad
    3m 11s
    Excel for iPad features a certain number of formulas that can be used to convert your text characters. For example, if you have inserted a number of text values and you need to reformat them into capital letters, you can use the UPPER formula. You can also convert values into lower case, and even make data entries into proper nouns. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Inserting borders in Excel iPad
    4m 3s
    One good way of making your data values and ranges stand out in Excel for iPad is to use the different border tools. You can create borders around entire data ranges, around single cells, or along specified sides of your selection. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Making your title stand out in Excel iPad
    3m 43s
    You can use the Excel for iPad text styles to ensure that your title stands out from the rest of your document. When you use one of these preset formatting styles, you apply more than one change at a time. The easiest way to do this is by applying text styles to a title you've created in a text box. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Inserting a hyperlink in Excel iPad
    3m 1s
    Hyperlinks are clickable links that can be inserted into your workbook so that users can be quickly redirected to websites or start email drafts directed towards a specific recipient. Excel for iPad automatically recognizes email addresses and websites as hyperlinks. FREE ACCESS


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