Getting Better Acquainted with QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020    |    Beginner
  • 9 videos | 29m 30s
  • Includes Assessment
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The QuickBooks Pro 2020 interface allows you to effect precise detail on company information. Discover the company pane, how to work with employees and access employee settings. You'll also explore the QuickBooks calendar and how to turn on payroll, as well as work with enhanced accessibility features.


  • Demonstrate how to work with the quickbooks shortcuts panel
    Demonstrate use of the menu system and describe how it complements the main interface
    Describe how to turn on payroll, order checks and supplies, add more users, and accept credit cards
    Describe the quickbooks community and how it can be used to search for information and enhance the user experience
    Describe the quickbooks calendar and how it can assist you in tracking important financial information
  • Demonstrate the various features of the employee center
    Demonstrate how to manage employee information
    Describe how to access and use the help feature in quickbooks
    Describe how to use enhanced accessibility features for vision-challenged users on the bills, invoice, and write check screens


  • 3m 32s
    The QuickBooks shortcuts panel is located on the left side of the interface. It gives you instant access to all the necessary functions you may need during the normal course of business bookkeeping. FREE ACCESS
  • 2m 22s
    The menu system in QuickBooks makes it easy to locate and keep track of accounting information. You may want to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the menus to understand where things are; however options and tasks are very easy to identify, thanks to a sensible interface layout. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Performing accounting tasks with QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    4m 11s
    The QuickBooks desktop installation offers you a complete set of tools you can use to generate invoices and enter bills, track income and expenses, and reconcile your accounts. In addition, you may add extra features at any time, such as activating payroll accounting, ordering checks and supplies, adding more users, and setting up QuickBooks to accept credit card payments. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Interacting with the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 Live community
    3m 5s
    If ever you have a question about accounting procedures or want more information on how to use a specific feature of QuickBooks, the QuickBooks Live community gives you access to users and expert information to get you the answers you seek in real-time. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Working with the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 calendar
    3m 11s
    The QuickBooks Calendar is a useful feature that can assist you in tracking important financial information, including items on your to-do list, scheduled calls or meetings, and more. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Using the Employee Center in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    3m 59s
    The Employee Center in QuickBooks Pro 2020 is the central repository where you can store and keep track of all of your employee information. And the Employee Center is divided into panes, arranged according to logical categories such as Employees and Transactions. This makes it easy to find the information you're looking for. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Managing employee information in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    3m 16s
    Using the Employee Center in QuickBooks, you can add employees for the purposes of your company and manage the employee information you have on file. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Using the Help feature in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    2m 6s
    In QuickBooks Pro 2020, you can access the Help feature using a single button press or from a dedicated menu on the interface. The Help feature gives you access to an extensive content search, the QuickBooks live community, and options to interact with qualified service agents through calls or messages. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Using enhanced accessibility features in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020
    3m 49s
    QuickBooks Pro 2020 has enhanced the features you use most frequently to ensure that individuals with visual impairments can perform accounting tasks with relative ease. Accessibility features now include dedicated QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts for a list of frequently-used tasks, improved design and legibility of the interface, as well as documentation for incorporating industry standard third-party assistive screenreader and other assistive software for use with QuickBooks. FREE ACCESS


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