Getting to know the Office 365 web portal

Office 365 Web    |    Beginner
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Office 365 gives you access to a suite of Office applications, cloud-based collaboration services, and online productivity tools. Explore the Office 365 web portal, services, spaces, and apps. This course shows you how to sign in and out of your account, configure your account settings, and edit your account profile. You will see how to navigate within Office 365 and how to use its homepage. Discover the Office 365 collection of supported applications. Install and activate Office desktop apps. Open applications with the App Launcher. Familiarize yourself with the Office 365 company network.


  • Sign in and out of office 365
    Navigate within office 365
    Use the office 365 home page
    Use the office 365 app launcher
    Explore your office 365 apps
  • Install and activate office desktop apps
    Edit your office 365 profile
    Configure your office 365 account
    Discover your office 365 company network


  • 3m 57s
    To access the Office 365 web portal and begin using the services available to you, you will first need to sign in. In this video, you will see how to sign in to your account, access the Office 365 web portal, and how to sign out of your account. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 37s
    Once you've signed in to Office 365 and in order to use the services effectively, you'll need to know how to get around the interface. In this video, you will learn about the Office 365 interface and navigation tools, how to move from one service to another, and how to get back to your Office 365 home page. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Using the Office 365 home page
    4m 25s
    The Office 365 home page is a great place for getting to know the different services and tools available on the platform. It's a starting point for any activities that you want to complete or documents you want to work on, and serves as an activity hub for finding out what's going on in your organization.  FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Using the Office 365 app launcher
    3m 47s
    From the Office 365 interface, you can access all the different tools and services via the app launcher. You can also use it to open recent documents and file locations. In this video, you'll see how to open the app launcher, how to browse its contents, and how to customize it to meet your needs. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Exploring your Office 365 apps
    5m 46s
    Understanding the full extent of the Office 365 apps and services available to you is key to getting the most out of your subscription.  FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Installing & activating Office desktop apps
    5m 23s
    Depending on the type of subscription you or your organization has, you may be able to install the fully-featured Office desktop apps. Find out how to download the Office installer, install and activate your desktop apps, and manage your license.  FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Editing your Office 365 profile
    3m 39s
    Your Office 365 profile can be customized to give users more information about who you are, what you do, and how to contact you. This information can then be viewed and used across the different Office 365 services.  FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Configuring your Office 365 account
    Once you have your Office 365 account set up, it is important to understand what you can modify, and what your subscription administrator can modify. You can, for example, adjust your own personal regional settings, if you want to use certain apps or services in another language. You can also adjust your user password, change the Office 365 theme settings, and even modify how you are notified of events or activities when using the web portal.  FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Discovering your Office 365 company network
    2m 56s
    If you are using your Office 365 account as part of an organizational or enterprise setup, you may come into contact with other users on your network. You can use the Delve service to find out more about your organization's hierarchy and your working relationships, and explore the different activities and projects being worked on in Office 365.  FREE ACCESS


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