Google Associate Cloud Engineer: Google Cloud Resource Manager

Google Cloud    |    Intermediate
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Google Cloud Resource Manager allows you to hierarchically manage resources by project, folder, and organization. In this course, you'll learn about Google Cloud Resource Manager and the resource hierarchy, as well as how to set up an organization resource to ensure projects will follow the organization's life cycle on Google Cloud. You'll then examine how to create and manage a Google Cloud project and an organization. You'll explore how to create labels and tags, move and migrate projects, and enable APIs within projects. Next, you'll learn how to manage Google Cloud folders by learning how to set roles and permissions, create folders, configure access, and create a project in a folder. Finally, you'll learn to enable and view audit logs, and set up and manage Cloud Identity. This course is one of a collection of courses that prepares learners for the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this course
    Describe google cloud resource manager
    Describe the resource hierarchy
    Set up an organization resource on google cloud
    Describe google cloud projects
    Create a google cloud project
    Manage your google cloud project by updating, deleting, and restoring them
    Create and manage an organization
    Create and manage labels and tags
  • Move a project within your organization
    Move a project between organizations
    Enable api in your google cloud project
    Manage google cloud folders
    Describe roles and permissions for google cloud folders
    Set up and manage users using cloud identity both manually and automatically
    Enable and view resource manager audit logs
    Summarize the key concepts covered in this course


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    3.  Resource Hierarchy
    8m 4s
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    4.  Setting up an Organization Resource on Google Cloud
    7m 34s
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    5.  Google Cloud Projects
    6m 27s
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    6.  Creating Google Cloud Projects
    4m 33s
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    7.  Managing Google Cloud Projects
    5m 40s
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    8.  Creating and Managing Cloud Organizations
    6m 20s
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    9.  Creating and Managing Labels and Tags
    5m 38s
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    10.  Moving Projects within Your Organization
    4m 12s
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    11.  Migrating Projects between Organizations
    4m 35s
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    12.  Enabling APIs within Projects
    4m 21s
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    13.  Managing Google Cloud Folders
    4m 40s
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    14.  Folders Roles and Permissions
    6m 7s
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    15.  Setting up Users Using Cloud Identity
    5m 8s
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    16.  Using Resource Manager Audit Logs
    5m 7s
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    17.  Course Summary
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