Google Professional Cloud Developer: Building Google Cloud Applications

Google Cloud 2022    |    Intermediate
  • 12 videos | 1h 5m 43s
  • Includes Assessment
  • Earns a Badge
Organizations continuously look for ways to maximize their cloud footprint, and containerization has become a focal point in this evolution. Google Cloud Build is a managed service that enables developers to build, test, and deploy containers quickly across all languages. In this course, learn about Google Cloud Build and how to use it to automate builds. Next, discover how to use community-contributed and custom builders, create a code repository, store build artifacts, and automate App Engine deployments. Finally, practice using Container Registry to store container images, set up Jenkins on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and improve CI/CD. This course is one of a collection that prepares learners for the Google Professional Cloud Developer exam.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    outline the basics of Google Cloud Build
    automate builds with Cloud Build
    use community-contributed builders
    use custom builders
    create a code repository in Cloud Source Repositories
  • store build artifacts
    automate your App Engine deployment with Cloud Build
    use Container Registry to store private container images
    set up Jenkins on GKE
    review and improve CI/CD
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course


  • 1m 5s
  • 5m 2s
  • Locked
    3.  Automating Builds
    6m 14s
  • Locked
    4.  Using Community-contributed Builders
    5m 10s
  • Locked
    5.  Using Custom Builders
    5m 43s
  • Locked
    6.  Creating a Cloud Source Repositories Code Repository
    5m 55s
  • Locked
    7.  Storing Build Artifacts
    7m 10s
  • Locked
    8.  Automating App Engine Deployment
    6m 46s
  • Locked
    9.  Storing Container Images with Container Registry
    7m 8s
  • Locked
    10.  Setting Up Jenkins on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
    7m 16s
  • Locked
    11.  Reviewing and Improving CI/CD
    7m 35s
  • Locked
    12.  Course Summary


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