Illustrating Presentations in PowerPoint Online

PowerPoint Online    |    Intermediate
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A picture speaks a thousand words. Explore the graphic elements of PowerPoint, from working with images and hyperlinks to shapes and SmartArt.


  • insert an image in PowerPoint Online
    add hyperlinks in PowerPoint Online
    use shapes to create a diagram in PowerPoint Online
    move and manipulate shapes in PowerPoint Online
    insert SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint Online
  • edit SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint Online
    insert a table in PowerPoint Online
    format a table in PowerPoint Online
    insert videos in PowerPoint Online


  • 5m 55s
    In PowerPoint Online, you can improve your presentation by inserting images. These images can be taken from your own computer or from a number of different online sources. Once you've inserted you can edit or delete it if you change your mind. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 51s
    In PowerPoint Online, you can insert hyperlinks to a website, an email address or even to an external document. Choose the text you'd like to display for each hyperlink to integrate them seamlessly into your presentation. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Using shapes to create a diagram in PowerPoint Online
    4m 47s
    In PowerPoint Online, you can insert a variety of different predefined shapes to create your own diagrams. Once you've inserted a shape, you can customize it by adding text and other shapes to create a visual representation of the information you're presenting. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Moving & manipulating shapes in PowerPoint Online
    3m 40s
    Before you can customize or edit shapes in your presentation, you'll need to know how to select them. Once you've selected a shape, you can move it around with your mouse or keyboard, and even edit its properties. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Inserting a SmartArt graphic in PowerPoint Online
    4m 11s
    The SmartArt tool is very useful if you'd like to add a professional-looking graphic to your PowerPoint Online presentation. These graphics are predefined but highly customizable shape-based diagrams, which can be easily modified. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Editing your SmartArt graphic in PowerPoint Online
    2m 58s
    Once you've inserted a SmartArt graphic into your PowerPoint Online presentation, you can begin customizing it. For example, you can adjust its layout, change the color scheme, and even apply special effects. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Inserting a table in PowerPoint Online
    4m 38s
    If you want to present your data in a readable and clear way in PowerPoint Online, then you will find the table tool very useful. In this tutorial, you will find out how to add tables and insert information into them. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Formatting a table in PowerPoint Online
    4m 31s
    To make your table stand out you use the Table Styles, design, and color tools. See how to change your table properties and appearance in PowerPoint Online. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Inserting a video in PowerPoint Online
    3m 24s
    You can add videos to the presentation you are working on in PowerPoint Online. Learn how to use the integrated YouTube search tool to find and insert videos without leaving your presentation window. FREE ACCESS


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