Inserting & Manipulating Data in Excel 2019 for Windows

Excel 2019 (Windows)    |    Beginner
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Delve into data manipulation techniques with Excel 2019 for Windows. In this course, learners can explore various ways to insert, edit, and manipulate data. Begin by learning how to select cells in order to apply changes to individual or multiple cells. Then learners will discover different ways of inserting, editing, and replacing data in a spreadsheet, and observe how to insert special characters. The course continues by demonstrating how to edit multiple worksheets simultaneously; delete items in a spreadsheet; and how to use the undo and redo actions. Explore how to create automatic data series; use the Flash Fill feature, and insert dropdown menus. Delve into configuring the spell check and autoCorrect options; transferring, and copying and pasting data. Complete this course by observing how to move data from one worksheet to another, and transpose a data range. In order to practice what you have learned, you will find the Word document named Excel 2019 for Windows: Inserting & Manipulating Data Exercise as well as the associated materials in the Resources section.


  • Select cells in excel 2019
    Input data in excel 2019
    Insert special characters in excel 2019
    Edit multiple excel 2019 worksheets simultaneously
    Delete items in your excel 2019 spreadsheet
    Undo and redo actions in excel 2019
    Create automatic data series in excel 2019
    Use the excel 2019 flash fill feature
    Insert dropdown menus in excel 2019
  • Use the spell check tool in excel 2019
    Configure spell check and autocorrect options in excel 2019
    Transfer data in excel 2019
    Copy and paste data in excel 2019
    Move data from one excel 2019 worksheet to another
    Use the excel 2019 paste special tools
    Transpose a data range in excel 2019
    Consolidate your data in excel 2019


  • 4m 29s
    Apply changes to individual or multiple cells in Excel by selecting them. You can select data cells using your mouse, your keyboard or both at the same time to select cells more quickly. Once you know how to select cells, you can start performing other actions like moving or duplicating data. FREE ACCESS
  • 2m 45s
    The cells found in your Excel spreadsheet can contain both numerical and textual data. There are many different ways of inserting, editing, and replacing data in your spreadsheet. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Inserting special characters in Excel 2019 for Windows
    4m 24s
    You will often find it necessary to insert text characters and symbols not found on your keyboard. Excel features a library of special characters that can be inserted into your worksheet. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Editing multiple worksheets simultaneously in Excel 2019 for Windows
    4m 25s
    In Excel, you can perform simultaneous edits of data cells with the same cell locations but found in different worksheets. This can be very useful if, for example, you are modifying all the header entries in multiple tables across different worksheets. The modifications will be applied to the same cells in each selected worksheet as if they were superimposed. These cell selections are sometimes referred to as 3D ranges. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Deleting items in your spreadsheet in Excel 2019 for Windows
    3m 8s
    If you need to remove data from your Excel spreadsheet, you can use the delete tools. You can remove single cells, cell selections, and even entire rows or columns. Excel can also adjust your table to ensure that no spaces are left in your table. It is also possible however to simply remove the contents of a cell. You will need to know how to use both methods if you want to get the most out of Excel. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Undoing & redoing actions in Excel 2019 for Windows
    3m 7s
    If you have made a mistake in your worksheet, you might want to use the undo button. Excel keeps a record of your recent actions and operations. If you want to cancel your previous actions and return your worksheet to a previous state, the undo history is the tool you need. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Creating automatic data series in Excel 2019 for Windows
    3m 18s
    Organize your data into lists and avoid re-entering the same categories repeatedly by creating automatic data series in Excel. You can create a numbered list that increases by any increment that you choose. You can also create a repeating list using categories like the date, the day of the week or the month. Automatic data series can be created vertically in columns or horizontally in rows. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Using the Flash Fill feature in Excel 2019 for Windows
    2m 48s
    The Flash Fill feature is a new addition to Excel which allows you to automatically and instantly complete data lists. Excel can work out patterns in your data entry by analyzing the data that your table already contains. Once you have started your list, Excel can complete it automatically, thereby saving you an enormous amount of time. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Inserting dropdown menus in Excel 2019 for Windows
    4m 27s
    Dropdown menus are very useful if you want to limit the data values that can be inserted into a cell. They are also very useful if you want to speed up your data entry. In Excel, you can create a drop-down menu via the Data Validation menu. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Using the spell check tool in Excel 2019 for Windows
    2m 36s
    In Excel, you can check the spelling of a single worksheet or your entire workbook. Access the spell check function via the review tab to get started correcting your spelling. You'll be able to ignore or add proper nouns to the spell check dictionary so they don't get flagged as incorrect, and you can also change the dictionary language if your spreadsheets include multiple languages. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Configuring spell check & AutoCorrect options in Excel 2019 for Windows
    4m 34s
    If you don't always like the way that spell check flags words as incorrect or that words are automatically corrected, you'll want to check out your proofing settings to customize these options. For example, you can make sure that words containing numbers and website and email addresses aren't overlooked when performing spell check. From here you can also manage custom dictionaries in multiple languages. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Transferring data in Excel 2019 for Windows
    3m 10s
    Sometimes you will need to know how to move data from one location to another. You can move data within individual sheets, from one worksheet to another, and even from one workbook to another. Excel features a number of different ways of transferring your data from one location to another. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Copying & pasting data in Excel 2019 for Windows
    3m 31s
    When you start copying and pasting data in Excel, you will find that you have a large number of options available to you. You can, for example, paste everything that you have copied to a new location. You can also paste any formatting that has been applied, paste values, and even remove any formulas from your copied data range. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Moving data from one worksheet to another in Excel 2019 for Windows
    3m 50s
    In Excel, it is very easy to move data from one worksheet to another. This can help you save time if you want to use your data in different documents. You can use the standard copy and paste options or the drag and drop mouse manipulations to transfer data to a new location. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Using the Paste Special tools in Excel 2019 for Windows
    4m 38s
    When copying and pasting data, Excel gives multiple possibilities on how to paste your data. You can paste formats, data only, as well as completely transform your data by transposing it. Discover how to identify and use the Paste Special tools in Excel. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Transposing a data range in Excel 2019 for Windows
    3m 15s
    Transposing data involves inverting the axes: columns become rows, and vice versa. Excel features a paste special operation that can help you to reuse an existing table and transpose it in a matter of seconds. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  Consolidating your data in Excel 2019 for Windows
    4m 13s
    Excel's powerful consolidation tool can extract data that you have spread across multiple worksheets and combine and synthesize it all into a single table. You can also perform multiple calculations on this data, including SUM, AVERAGE and COUNT. FREE ACCESS


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