Installing & Managing your iPad Apps in iOS 12

iOS 12    |    Beginner
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The App Store gives you access to a huge number of apps for your iPad. Discover how to find the app you're looking for, download and install it, and manage your device's installed apps with the iOS 12 platform. During this course, you will start by discover the App Store, select an application, and install it on your iPad. See how to open your iPad applications, and how to navigate between them. Organize and group your apps on your Home Screen to meet your changing needs. Multitask your applications. Use two applications at the same time with the Slide Over and Split View functions. Set your applications to automatically update. Remove applications you no longer need.


  • Open and navigate between applications on your ipad ios 12
    Organize your applications on your ipad ios 12
    Multitask on your ipad ios 12
  • Discover the ipad app store
    Install an application on your ipad ios 12
    Update and manage your ipad ios 12 applications


  • 4m 7s
    Your iOS 12 device lets you open and quit multiple apps quickly and easily. You can also move from one app to another by using different touch gestures or via the App Switcher. The App Switcher also allows you to manage and close the apps you have open on your device. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 28s
    As you start to use and install apps on your iOS 12 device your home screen may become cluttered. To keep organized watch this video to see how to create app groups and rearrange the apps on your home screen. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Multitasking in iOS 12
    4m 13s
    With iOS 12 you can multitask easily with the superimposed application feature, Slide Over. Or you can use Split View that also allows you to use multiple applications at once. You can also use the picture-in-picture feature to play a video at the same time as using another application. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Discovering the App Store in iOS 12
    5m 19s
    The App store allows you to discover and download new applications. In order to get the most out of the App Store, it's a good idea to become familiar with the interface In iOS 12. This video will also show you how to access and view your profile and account information. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Installing an application in iOS 12
    5m 43s
    Apple has installed a number of default applications in iOS 12, but you can enhance your experience and gain access to additional features by visiting the App Store. Games and utilities, as well as social networking and educational applications, are available. See how to browse the options and then install the application of your choice. If you no longer use apps, see how to remove them from your device automatically. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Updating & managing your applications in iOS 12
    3m 5s
    Application updates let you access the latest changes and features an app has to offer. This video will show you how to find and install available updates for the apps on your iOS device. To save you time, you can also set the automatic update option in your device's App Store settings. FREE ACCESS


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