Introduction to Cybersecurity

  • 6 videos | 58m 50s
  • Includes Assessment
An introduction to what cybersecurity is and how it fits into today's technology landscape.


  • Understand what you will be learning in the course
    Understand how security is a negative goal
    Understand the diversty of threat models
  • Understand how prevention is used
    Know how to say resilient under attack
    Understand what retro is


  • 5m 22s
    Meet your host for the course and find out what you will learn in the course FREE ACCESS
  • 10m 41s
    Learn the goal of cybersecurity FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Security Overview Video 2
    10m 2s
    Learn about the diversity of threat models that you have at your disposal. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Security Overview Video 3
    13m 55s
    Learn about prevention and how it can be applied at many different layers of the abstraction. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Security Overview Video 4
    11m 20s
    Staying resilient while under attack is important. Learn strategies to employ so that you can be resilient FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Security Overview Video 5
    7m 30s
    Learn about minimizing damage caused by successful attack or compromise. FREE ACCESS