Leadercamp on-demand: The Kind Leader Series - Control

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For many, the very word "control" feels uncomfortable, carrying the relics of old-school leadership from ages past. Yet the attempts to control others remain even today, so we have to be focused on how we view the term. The only person we can control 100% is ourselves, and the realization that it is down to us to manage ourselves first is quite a challenge to many. This kind and appreciative awareness can add to your capability to be your best for yourself, and to be the best you can be for your people too. Being kind to yourself is the first priority to be an outstanding leader and for you to feel great at the same time. In the first part of the four part Leadercamp series on kindness, The Kind Leader, ICF-accredited coach and trainer Martin Haworth shares insights into the CONTROL we have in the work we do, and the lives we lead. Martin presents some simple, kindness tools you can adopt right away to help your performance, well-being, and fulfilment in your everyday world.


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