Leadership Insights on Developing People

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Developing people is critical to success, and yet many organizations go about it the wrong way. Bringing out people's best performance and potential starts with why, not how. Treat talent development as a culture, not a program.


  • Acquire insights on developing employees by exposing them to new experiences and helping them grow as professionals.
    Acquire insights on how to attain mutual respect and understanding to effectively work with millennials to improve their performance. this can be done by answering their questions and making them feel important.
    Acquire insights on how to conduct result- oriented meetings, while nurturing people and talents.
    Acquire insights on helping employees bring their best performance to work through accountability.
    Acquire insights on understanding misconceptions around motivation. people need to be motivated by providing a sense of purpose and by satisfying psychological needs.
    Acquire insights on how to catalyze strengths to nurture and develop employees to bring out their best.
    Acquire insights on how to create an environment for leadership development, not just a program to support it.
  • Acquire insights on how to balance developing performance and potential in one's staff.
    Acquire insights on how leaders can improve the quality of people's thinking.
    Acquire insights on the importance of self-development and how to make time for self-improvement, which in turn will lead to better personal relations and job performance.
    Acquire insights on how to increase employee engagement by creating an attractive work environment, connecting workers with the purpose, and trying to make work fun.
    Acquire insights on empowering employees by unleashing their true potential.
    Acquire insights on how to inspire others to get better at their work by encouraging an environment of mutual trust.
    Acquire insights on building an agile people strategy.


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    1.  Developing Others
    3m 5s
    Developing employees is accomplished by bring new experiences to the employee and the employee to new experiences. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  “Because I Said So” No Longer Works
    2m 41s
    Boomers and Gen Xers did what they were told, no questions. As managers, they don’t understand why Millennials won’t do the same. Millennials want to understand how their work relates to the work of others. Explaining how improves performance and saves time. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Delivering Results While Developing People
    2m 50s
    Meetings provide a forum not only for sharing information but also for developing talent. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Accountability Raises Employee Performance
    3m 23s
    Help employees bring their best performances through accountability. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Motivation Misconceptions
    3m 13s
    When intrinsic motivation is absent, leading with carrots and sticks isn't the answer. Instead, motivate by providing a sense of purpose and by satisfying psychological needs. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  The Best Managers Catalyze Strengths
    2m 58s
    A manager who has a cookie-cutter approach to management is limited in his ability and is potentially limiting employees in their own abilities and careers, Stephen Harding explains. He outlines a much better way to develop employees. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Create an Environment for Leadership Development—Not a Program
    3m 11s
    Developing leaders is a natural concept—like breathing air. We under-appreciate the environment and overvalue programs. Eliminate programs and focus on the environment. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Balancing Performance and Potential
    2m 4s
    Talent leaders need to consider how they can balance developing performance and potential in their staff. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  How Leaders Can Improve the Quality of People's Thinking
    2m 54s
    Leaders usually try to help people’s thinking by suggesting what to do. Ask questions instead. Have a conversation. “What are you trying to achieve?” Help them come to their own insights. This is motivating, changes the brain, and helps them develop general rules. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Make Time for Self-Development
    2m 5s
    People who take time for self-development see improvements in their personal relations and job performance. Take half an hour each day to read, talk, or otherwise be inspired. Treat these activities as daily rituals. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  How to Increase Engagement
    3m 57s
    About 70 percent of American workers are not engaged. To increase engagement create an attractive work environment, connect workers with the purpose, and try to make the work fun. Allison describes a competition to encourage hand washing in a hospital. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Empowering Employees
    3m 8s
    A truck driver on a Formula One team had an idea that led to their winning the French Grand Prix, despite obstacles that leaders first put in his way. We must recognize that every employee has huge potential. The leader’s job is to unleash that potential. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Help Others Get Better
    2m 55s
    Peter Bregman believes that a leader’s job is to inspire, rather than motivate. So how do leaders inspire their people? By trusting them. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Agile People Strategy
    3m 20s
    Building an agile people strategy starts with looking horizontally, not vertically. FREE ACCESS


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