Leadership Insights on Leader Transitions

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When taking on a new position, leaders face myriad challenges like building teams that deliver, developing networks to stay informed of key events, and inspiring others on an entirely new level. Get ready to make the most of your new role.


  • Acquire insights on becoming a new manager and making a successful transition into the world of management.
    Acquire insights on how to influence others by drawing them in through ‘attraction’ and not through ‘pushing’ or using force.
    Acquire insights on the common mistakes new leaders make.
    Acquire insights on how to not only become effective and efficient managers, but also become inspirational leaders.
    Acquire insights on how to build an effective and efficient team with care.
  • Acquire insights on planning ‘backwards from your goal’ to ensure a successful outcome.
    Acquire insights on the three networks needed by managers to be effective and successful in their work. these include operational networks, personal networks of friends and colleagues, and a strategic network.
    Acquire insights on how motivating and inspiring leaders create simultaneous conditions of safety and stretch to inspire and influence others.
    Acquire insights on how you and your team can deliver more by passionately working towards the goals.
    Acquire insights on stepping up to a more strategic role.


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    1.  On Becoming a New Manager
    2m 49s
    Being elevated into a management position is great, but it can also be challenging and a bit scary. Anne Riches explains some of the keys to making a successful transition into management. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Influence is Pull, Not Push
    3m 14s
    Influence is the act of drawing people in by attraction, not pushing them or using force. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Common Mistakes New Leaders Make
    4m 19s
    New leaders tend to make the same mistakes, but they can be easily avoided if you know what to watch for. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  From Management to Inspirational Leadership
    1m 57s
    Managers can be efficient and effective; but as execution becomes less important; the next competitive advantage is to create new experiences for customers. That requires leaders who can inspire people to do what they want to do; not what the leader wants them to do. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Build Your Team with CARE
    2m 40s
    Building teams takes great CARE; and teams that care are unstoppable. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Working Backwards From a Win
    5m 18s
    To capture a win; plan backwards from your goal. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Managers Need Three Networks
    2m 22s
    Managers need an operational network to get things done; a personal network of friends and colleagues; and a strategic network of internal and external relationships that helps you stay informed of events you may not be aware of; and connect the dots. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  What Motivating and Inspiring Leaders Do Differently
    3m 21s
    The best leaders create simultaneous conditions of safety and stretch. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  How You and Your Team Deliver More
    3m 29s
    If leaders are passionate about their goals; and engage their people in pursuit of those goals; everyone will help deliver on the goals. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Stepping Up To a More Strategic Role
    4m 42s
    Although the business world is changing, the learning and development functions in most companies have not changed to meet new challenges. We need to rethink how workforce learning is conducted so it brings the right skills to the right people in the right way at scale. A CLO can either continue to be a trainer or can be a transformer. This means stepping up to a more strategic role. FREE ACCESS


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