Leadership Insights on Leading through Motivation

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The top motivators take their cues from neuroscience. Instead of barking orders, they assign meaningful work, model motivational behaviors, and offer rewards to deliver long-lasting results. Follow their lead with these motivational musts.


  • Acquire insights on how meaningful work leads to motivation among employees.
    Acquire insights on motivating by giving meaning to work.
    Acquire insights on the differences between positive and negative motivators.
    Acquire insights on the neuroscience of motivation.
    Acquire insights on how developing your values can help in motivation.
  • Acquire insights on high-quality motivation that comes from satisfying psychological needs.
    Acquire insights on the different misconceptions related to motivation.
    Acquire insights on how modeling the desired behavior is the most motivational way to lead.
    Acquire insights on different motivational outlooks to produce different outcomes.


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    1.  Meaningful Work Is Motivating
    4m 14s
    All employers want their employees to find meaning in their work. Ian Metcalfe uncovers how to find that meaning, and the role leaders play in helping employees find it. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Give Meaning to Work
    2m 3s
    Giving meaning to work is more than telling people what to do and how to do it. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Positive Versus Negative Motivators
    2m 53s
    Negative motivators; such as reducing budgets and insisting on quick results; can be effective in the short run but have negative long-term consequences. Motivators such as encouraging employees to be passionate about goals have a better longer-term result. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  The Neuroscience of Motivation
    3m 15s
    The brain responds to stimuli as threats or rewards. The threat response is five times stronger than the reward response, so threats get more attention, but also reduce creativity and collaboration. Rewards produce better, faster, and more sustainable results. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Choose Your Values
    2m 58s
    Looking for meaning or motivation? Develop your values. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Motivate by Satisfying Psychological Needs
    3m 22s
    High-quality motivation comes from satisfying the three psychological needs that are foundational to all human beings. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Motivation Misconceptions
    3m 13s
    When intrinsic motivation is absent; leading with carrots and sticks isn't the answer. Instead; motivate by providing a sense of purpose and by satisfying psychological needs. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  People Follow What They See
    2m 40s
    Modeling the behaviors you want to see is the most motivational way to lead. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Optimal Motivation
    3m 17s
    People are always motivated; and different motivational outlooks produce different outcomes. FREE ACCESS


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