Leadership Insights on Strategic Thinking

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Thinking strategically is all about the big picture, not individual brushstrokes. Leaders need to ask lots of questions to gain the new perspectives that are so vital to developing successful strategies. To get it right, get out of the box!


  • Acquire insights on how leaders must think strategically and spend more time talking to people outside their organization.
    Acquire insights on how strategic thinking of a leader is different from that of a manager.
    Acquire insights on the different ways in which leaders can improve the quality of people’s thinking.
    Acquire insights to understand just when and where you do your best thinking--it's likely not at work.
    Acquire insights on how a leader should think strategically to effectively align time with goals.
    Acquire insights on the different factors that can help you make sense while doing strategic planning.
    Acquire insights on how strategic success depends on a clear plan of action.
  • Acquire insights on the importance of transparency in communicating a strategy.
    Acquire insights on how to ask better questions.
    Acquire insights on understanding that asking questions can push ideas forward.
    Acquire insights on how the logic of being wrong is so central to being able to move things forward.
    Acquire insights on how being dead wrong about something enables you to ask questions that others don't ask.
    Acquire insights on how asking the right questions can build an idea into something better.


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    1.  How to Think Strategically
    2m 7s
    As you move into senior roles be careful how you spend your time. Most senior managers say they should spend more time on strategic concerns, but they don’t. The only way to be more strategic is to talk to people outside the organization who are different from you. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Strategic Thinking: The Difference Between a Leader and a Manager
    3m 10s
    Leaders see the big picture, how things are connected to the future, and how to get out of the box. Managers concentrate on the here and now. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  How Leaders Can Improve the Quality of People’s Thinking
    2m 54s
    Leaders usually try to help people’s thinking by suggesting what to do. Ask questions instead. Have a conversation. “What are you trying to achieve?” Help them come to their own insights. This is motivating, changes the brain, and helps them develop general rules. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  When and Where Do You Do Your Best Thinking?
    1m 20s
    Where do you do your best thinking? Chances are, it isn't at work. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Strategic Thinking
    1m 51s
    Get out of the weeds. Delegate, with a system that trusts and verifies. Other than strategy, he uses his time is to attract talent and create the culture. He also creates a stop to-do list periodically, to make sure his time is aligned with his goals. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Sense Making In Strategic Planning
    1m 49s
    To make sense in a strategic plan: 1) get outside points of view, 2) allow space for the conversations to take place, 3) state your beliefs in the plan and the strategy based on those beliefs, then ask, 4) Do we still believe that? What happens if we’re wrong? FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Strategic Success Depends on a Plan of Action
    2m 50s
    Without a clear plan of action, it’s unlikely you’ll ever reach your objectives. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Transparency of Strategy
    3m 8s
    Strategy is often poorly communicated, which is a risk in a world that increasingly values transparency and easy information. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  How To Ask Better Questions
    4m 43s
    The right questions are the questions that challenge the fundamental assumptions of an industry. Discover how to ask better questions. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  How Asking Questions Can Push Ideas Forward
    5m 43s
    When you get stuck trying to progress a new opportunity or challenge, one approach is to generate a burst of questions - no answers, just questions. Discover how asking lots of questions can help progress a stalled idea, challenge, or opportunity. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  The Logic Of Being Wrong Rather Than Right
    5m 57s
    Innovative leaders put themselves in situations that cause them to be wrong instead of right, which brings them to ask questions that other people otherwise wouldn’t ask. Discover how the logic of being wrong is so central to being able to move things forward. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  How Being Dead Wrong Enables Great Questions
    3m 9s
    It's by being wrong, uncomfortable, and quiet that great leaders ask great questions. Find out how being dead wrong about something enables you to ask questions that others don't ask. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  How Asking Questions Is Key To Making Something Better
    3m 2s
    Creating the conditions to ask questions that other people don't ask is key to getting the right answers. Find out how asking the right questions can build an idea into something better. FREE ACCESS


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