Managing Microsoft Teams: Enabling Guest Access

Microsoft Teams    |    Intermediate
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Guest access enables teams within an organization to collaborate with people and businesses outside of the organization. This is possible by granting guest access to resources such as channels, chats, and applications. In this course, you'll learn how to configure guest access and guest permissions in Teams. You'll also learn how to configure meetings and live events, as well as messaging and calling options for guests. Finally, you'll also explore how to manage guests using Azure AD access reviews and the Azure AD portal. This course is one of several that will help prepare learners for the MS-700: Managing Microsoft Teams certification exam.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this course
    Provide an overview of guest access in microsoft teams
    Provide an overview of guest capabilities in microsoft teams
    Describe authorization level controls in microsoft teams
    Configure guest access to microsoft teams and enable calling, meeting, and messaging capabilities
    Add guests to a team in microsoft teams
    View and edit guest user information in a team
    Provide an overview of guest access permissions in microsoft teams
  • Demonstrate how to join a team as a guest in microsoft teams
    Schedule a meeting with guests using microsoft teams
    Join a meeting with guests using microsoft teams
    Demonstrate how to create and perform an access review for guests
    Recognize how to control guest access in azure active directory
    Restrict external guest users using azure active directory portal
    Configure external access and differentiate between external access and guest access
    Summarize the key concepts covered in this course


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    3.  Guest Capabilities in Microsoft Teams
    6m 20s
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    4.  Authorization Level Controls
    8m 45s
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    5.  Enabling Guest Access
    9m 36s
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    6.  Adding and Removing Guests
    3m 32s
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    7.  Viewing and Editing Guest User Information
    5m 34s
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    8.  Guest Access Permissions
    4m 43s
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    9.  Joining a Team as a Guest
    4m 36s
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    10.  Scheduling Meetings with a Guest
    5m 50s
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    11.  Joining a Meeting with Guests
    3m 52s
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    12.  Creating and Reviewing Access Reviews for Guests
    10m 16s
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    13.  Guest Access Controls in the Azure AD Portal
    9m 26s
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    14.  Restricting Guest Access using the Azure AD Portal
    8m 54s
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    15.  External Access in Microsoft Teams
    6m 42s
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    16.  Course Summary
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