Managing User Accounts in Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update)

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In many cases, multiple users share the same computer and this needs to be managed. In this course, you will learn how to create and edit separate user accounts for each computer user. Among the topics are how to switch between accounts. Find out how to manage your user account password or PIN. See how to make a picture password, create and manage family accounts, and set up assigned access. Discover how to add, configure, and manage user and family accounts; create and manage passwords; and configure Family Safety settings in Windows 10.


  • Create a windows 10 user account
    Switch between windows 10 user accounts
    Edit a windows 10 user account
    Manage your password or pin in windows 10
  • Create a picture password in windows 10
    Set up family accounts in windows 10
    Manage and configure family safety settings in windows 10
    Set up assigned access in windows 10


  • 4m 15s
    If you're using Windows 10 on a shared device, you may find it useful to create multiple user accounts. Each user can then organize and manage their own personalized settings and applications and keep their files separate from those of other users. You can create a new user account by using an existing Microsoft email address or can create a new email account directly via Windows 10. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 44s
    User accounts allow multiple users to keep separate files, applications, and settings on the same Windows 10 device. Once signed into Windows, you can move from one user session to another without having to sign out beforehand--meaning that each user can keep their documents and applications open while someone else uses the device. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Editing a user account in Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update)
    Once a user account has been created in Windows 10, it can be modified. For example, you can change a user's account type, or adjust your display name, password, and image. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Managing your password or pin in Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update)
    5m 16s
    In Windows 10, you can change your password at any time, which will not only change the password for your device but for your Microsoft account as well. As an alternative to a password, you can choose to use a PIN to sign in to your device as well as different apps and services. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creating a picture password in Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update)
    4m 24s
    A picture password is sometimes easier to remember and is often a safer method of logging in to your account. To do this, you need to choose one of your photos and then draw three gestures containing circles, straight lines, and taps on the screen with your finger or cursor. Your selected image and gestures will become your new picture password. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Setting up family accounts in Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update)
    5m 44s
    In Windows 10, you can add family members via your Windows settings so that they'll be able to use the device as well. You can then choose the kind of access that each family member will have so that you're always in control. You can add or remove an account at any time. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Managing & configuring Family safety settings in Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update)
    6m 27s
    Once you've created family user accounts you can manage those accounts to help keep your family safer online. Adults can view reports of their children's online activity, set device time limits, and block inappropriate websites, apps, or games. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Setting up assigned access in Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update)
    3m 37s
    While Windows 10 doesn't offer guest accounts, you can use Assigned Access to limit a user's access to a specific program. This is useful for children or guest users because it ensures that they'll only have access to the program that you assign to them. You can set up assigned access by activating the setting, choosing an existing user account to apply the restricted access to, and restarting your device so that the changes will take effect. The result from the perspective of the user is a simple kiosk-style device with a sign-in window that redirects them to the application that you've made available. FREE ACCESS


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