Manipulating Data in Excel 2010 for Windows

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It's possible to manually edit data in Excel; however, this can become tedious, especially with a lot of data. Work smarter, not harder, by exploring various methods for efficiently and effectively inserting and manipulating data in Excel.


  • Selecting cells
    Inputting data
    Inserting special characters
    Editing multiple worksheets simultaneously
    Deleting items in your spreadsheet
    Undoing & redoing actions
    Creating automatic data series
    Using the AutoComplete function
  • Inserting dropdown menus
    Using the spell check tool
    Using AutoCorrect
    Transferring data
    Transferring data between sheets
    Copying & pasting values
    Transposing data
    Consolidating your data


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    1.  Selecting cells in Excel 2010 for Windows
    3m 15s
    If you want to add data to a cell in your worksheet, the quickest way to do so is to select it. In Excel 2010, you can select individual cells, multiple cells, and even non-contiguous cells. These cells can be selected… FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Inputting data in Excel 2010 for Windows
    3m 14s
    The cells found in your Excel 2010 spreadsheet can contain both numerical and textual data. There are a number of different ways of inserting data into your spreadsheet. There are also a number of different ways of… FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Inserting special characters in Excel 2010 for Windows
    3m 20s
    You will often find it necessary to insert text characters and symbols not found on your keyboard. Excel 2010 features a library of special characters that can be inserted into your worksheet. You can manipulate them in… FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Editing multiple worksheets simultaneously in Excel 2010 for Windows
    3m 33s
    In Excel 2010, you can perform simultaneous edits of data cells with the same cell locations but found in different worksheets. This can be very useful if, for example, you are modifying all the header entries in multiple… FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Deleting items in your spreadsheet in Excel 2010 for Windows
    3m 33s
    If you need to remove data from your Excel 2010 spreadsheet, you can use the delete tools. You can remove single cells, cell selections, and even entire rows or columns. Excel can also adjust your table to ensure that no… FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Undoing & redoing actions in Excel 2010 for Windows
    3m 36s
    If you have made a mistake in your worksheet, you might want to use the undo button. Excel 2010 keeps a record of your recent actions and operations. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Creating automatic data series in Excel 2010 for Windows
    2m 32s
    You can quickly add data to your worksheet with Excel 2010's data series tools. You can, for example, create a standard data series that goes up in increments of one. You can also insert weekday and date increments. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Using the AutoComplete function in Excel 2010 for Windows
    2m 26s
    Excel 2010 includes an AutoComplete function which can be used to automatically add data values to your cells. If you have a lot of information to add to your spreadsheet, this tool can save you a great deal of time and… FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Inserting dropdown menus in Excel 2010 for Windows
    2m 35s
    Dropdown menus are very useful if you want to limit the data values that can be inserted into a cell. They are also very useful if you want to speed up your data entry. In Excel 2010, you can create a dropdown menu via… FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Using the spell check tool in Excel 2010 for Windows
    4m 43s
    Before sharing or printing your workbook, it is a good idea to check it for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Excel 2010 features an integrated spell check feature that can take you through any recognized errors. It is… FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Using AutoCorrect in Excel 2010 for Windows
    3m 51s
    Certain typos can be corrected automatically in Excel 2010 with the AutoCorrect function. See how to use and configure your AutoCorrect settings to quickly correct common errors in your spreadsheet as you type. Quickly… FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Transferring data in Excel 2010 for Windows
    3m 5s
    Sometimes you will need to know how to move data from one location to another. You can move data within individual sheets, from one worksheet to another, and even from one workbook to another. Excel 2010 features a number… FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Transferring data between sheets in Excel 2010 for Windows
    4m 3s
    In Excel 2010, it is very easy to move data from one worksheet to another. This can help you save time if you want to use your data in different documents. You can use the standard copy and paste options or the drag and… FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Copying & pasting values in Excel 2010 for Windows
    3m 30s
    When you start copying and pasting data in Excel 2010, you will find that you have a large number of options available to you. You can, for example, paste everything that you have copied to a new location. You can also… FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Transposing data in Excel 2010 for Windows
    2m 27s
    Transposing data involves inverting the axes: columns become rows, and vice versa. Excel 2010 features a paste special operation that can help you to reuse an existing table and transpose it in a matter of seconds. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Consolidating your data in Excel 2010 for Windows
    4m 11s
    Excel 2010's powerful consolidation tool can extract data that you have spread across multiple worksheets and combine and synthesize it all into a single table. You can also perform multiple calculations on this data,… FREE ACCESS


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