Mayo Clinic Q&A: Innovation is Transforming Patient Care in Florida, Beyond

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The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed medical research and patient care to new levels. High-volume testing for COVID-19, researching convalescent plasma and monitoring patients at home are just a few of the challenges met by Mayo Clinic in Florida in 2020. Dr. Kent Thielen, CEO of Mayo Clinic in Florida, says they also are looking ahead as the campus continues to grow. He highlights the Lung Restoration Center, the Discovery and Innovation Center, the BioBusiness Incubator and the integrated oncology facility as examples of accelerated programs. (Published 01/15/2021)


  • 19m 8s
    In this Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast, Dr. Thielen expands on the culture of innovation on the Florida campus and what the future holds for the practice. (Published 01/15/2021) FREE ACCESS