Mayo Clinic Q&A: Mayo Clinic Laboratories delivers during COVID-19

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Mayo Clinic Laboratories has performed over 3 million COVID-19 tests. "In December 2019, there was a disease, and three months later, everyone in the country - and around the globe - wanted a test to see if they had the disease," says Dr. William Morice II, president of Mayo Clinic Laboratories. "With COVID-19, we've learned the importance of laboratory testing and diagnostic medicine in health care, both in the U.S. and globally." Dr. Morice says professionals are needed in laboratory medicine, who understand the technology and science but also who understand the human need. "One of the strong memories for me was being in the lab late at night, and getting an email from a Native American tribal leader saying, 'We need help,'" says Dr. Morice. (Published 04/20/2021)


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    Mayo Clinic Laboratories delivers during COVID-19
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