Message Records Planning & Configuration

Exchange 2016    |    Expert
  • 13 videos | 45m 33s
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Ensure access to historical email in Exchange 2016 by learning about how to prevent data loss, configure prebuilt and custom rules, define an SLA, manage workloads, and manage user throttling policies.


  • Design a data loss prevention solution
    Identify dlp transport rules
    Set up prebuilt rules
    Configure custom rules process
    Configure custom rules xml
    Plan for software update management
    Define a service level agreement
  • Identify service level agreement metrics
    Describe exchange workload management
    Manage workload policy modifications
    Manage exchange user throttling policies
    Create a policy while managing user throttling policies
    View monitoring system status


  • 5m 30s
    Learn how to design a data loss prevention solution. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 3s
    Learn how to identify transport rules for DLP. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Set Up Prebuilt Rules
    4m 29s
    Find out how to set up pre-built rules. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    4.  Configure Custom Rules Process
    2m 46s
    Find out how to configure a custom rules process. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    5.  Configure Custom Rules XML
    4m 49s
    In this video, you will learn how to configure custom rules in XML. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    6.  Plan for Software Update Management
    1m 34s
    Find out how to plan for software updates. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    7.  Service Level Agreement (Part 1)
    6m 21s
    Find out how to define a service level agreement. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    8.  Service Level Agreement (Part 2)
    4m 40s
    Learn how to identify metrics for service level agreements. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    9.  Exchange Workload Management
    6m 1s
    Upon completion of this video, you will be able to describe how to manage Exchange workloads. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    10.  Manage Workload Policy Modifications
    1m 10s
    In this video, you will learn how to manage workload policy modifications. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    11.  Manage Exchange User Throttling Policy (Part 1)
    2m 20s
    Learn how to manage Exchange user throttling policies. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    12.  Manage Exchange User Throttling Policy (Part 2)
    1m 5s
    In this video, you will learn how to create a user throttling policy. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    13.  Monitor System Status
    1m 46s
    In this video, you will learn how to view the status of your monitoring system. FREE ACCESS


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