Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies: Monitoring Azure

Azure 2020
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Monitoring Azure resources is crucial for optimizing resource utilization, reducing costs, and enhancing the organizational security posture. In this course, you'll learn about monitoring individual resources as well as working with centralized monitoring. You'll start by examining the metrics for an individual Azure virtual machine. You'll then learn how to work with a Log Analytics workspace and its data sources to centralize log and performance metric data. Next, you'll examine how to work with Azure Monitor and dashboards, view performance metrics, and enable diagnostic logging. You'll see how to view web app metrics through Application Insights and view and manage Azure costs. Lastly, you'll learn how to configure action groups for alert notification, view Security Center recommendations, and work with Azure Sentinel. This course is one of a collection of courses that prepares learners for the AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies certification exam.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    list various ways in which Azure resources can be monitored
    monitor individual resources
    deploy a Log Analytics workspace
    add data sources to a Log Analytics workspace
    use Azure Monitor
    save a query to a dashboard
    analyze performance metrics within and across subscriptions
    enable Azure diagnostic logging
    enable Application Insights
  • use the portal to analyze Azure costs
    configure a budget scope
    create an actions group for alert notifications
    configure alerts and notifications
    use Azure Monitor to monitor alerts and metrics across Azure subscriptions
    identity Azure resources with little to no activity
    view Security Center recommendations
    identify the purpose of Azure Sentinel
    configure Azure Sentinel
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course



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