Modern Cryptography and Shor's Algorithm

  • 8 videos | 54m 46s
  • Includes Assessment
In this course you'll look at modern cryptography schemes based on one-way functions. Also find out how factoring is performed and whay it's so hard on a classical computer. Then dive into Shor's algorithm and how it can perform the same task in a much more efficient manner.


  • Understand modern cryptography and how it works
    Understand the rsa cryptosystem
    Describe what shor's algorithm does
    Understand how shor's algorithm works
  • Understand how to reduce factoring to order finding
    Understand the beginnings of the shor quantum factoring algorithm
    Understand the details of the quantum order finding algorithm
    Understand how the order finding algorithm measurement result can be represented as a geometric sum


  • 5m 34s
    Learn about modern cryptography schemes and their use in information security today FREE ACCESS
  • 9m 28s
    Learn about the RSA cryptosystem FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Factoring With A Quantum Computer: Shor's Algorithm
    8m 46s
    Learn about Shor's algorithm and what it is used for FREE ACCESS
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    4.  How Shor's Algorithm Works
    7m 10s
    Find out how Shor's algorithm works FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Reduction of Factoring To Order Finding
    6m 39s
    Learn from Peter Shor himself about how to reduce factoring to order finding FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Introduction To The Shor Quantum Factoring Algorithm
    6m 36s
    Learn about the beginnings of the Shor Quantum Factoring Algorithm FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Detail Steps Of The Quantum Order Finding Algorithm
    5m 2s
    Take a deeper dive into the Quantum Order Finding Algorithm FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Order Finding Algorithm Result As A Geometric Sum
    5m 31s
    Learn how the Order Finding Algorithm measurement result can be represented as a geometric sum FREE ACCESS